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Swazi AD Agency is 8 Years Lucky

Faithful clients of the company recognise it for the pre-eminent full-service research, marketing, advertising, design and public relation firms servicing a nation-wide client base. The agency was officially registered in November 2016. As an aggressive agile firm; Swazi AD Agency believes in the fundamentals of communication strategies and has developed a reputation for effective, on target marketing.

The agency’s founder, Mr. Sabelo Laurence Lukhele believes there is no better time to celebrate his success as the whole nation is in a celebratory mood since this year the peaceful kingdom is celebrating 50/50.

The Agency is the brainchild of Sabelo Laurence Lukhele who coincidentally will be turning 28 years just two days before the company celebration. Mr. Lukhele believes 8 is his lucky number. The Bible numerology code number 8. The number eight in the Bible signifies Resurrection and Regeneration.

It is the number of a new beginning. The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate new beginning. Thus this statement simply represent the fact that Swazi AD Agency is officially being launched and being introduced to the general public

For the past 7 years, Mr. Lukhele has from time to time perfected his skills; he has adopted, learnt, and discovered new platforms to help clients reach their target audiences. From a very young age, the business-minded young man has always been a geek when it comes to latest technology thus most of his achievements are self-taught.

His passion for technology and creativity has helped him achieve a lot within a space of 7 years and his kind heart is what drives him into sharing what he has achieved over the years with his stakeholders.

Not so long ago he discovered that the increasing popularity of digital and online advertising is a fast reshaping industry renowned for both creativity and its ability to adapt. As more consumers use the Internet to find products and services, local businesses are recognising that advertising online is a necessity. Whether a business is small or large, online or offline, marketers need to communicate their existence to their target audience in order to sell their products or services.

If they are to maximize their success in reaching existing and/or new customers, they need to become adept at integrating digital advertising into their existing marketing programmes and strategies. Newsletters, blogs, and forums are powerful ways of informing and engaging visitors to a website.


The prestigious event is open to everyone interested in learning from experts about how to execute a powerful digital marketing and digital advertising strategy to further their brand’s reach and impact. The Forum is a must-attend event for:

• Business Owners, Chief Executive Officers, Directors and Managers of Marketing, Branding, Business Strategy, Sales, Communication, Customer Relations, Social Media, Public Relations, Business Development, Media

• Executives from Advertising Agencies, Market Research Companies, and Marketing Consultants

• Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising Specialists and Platform Developers.

The event will take place on the 6th of October 2018 at The George Hotel in Manzini, Swaziland. On the day the event will start off with a Forum from 8 am till 5 pm then from 7 pm till late there will be a close up with the Gala Dinner where there’ll be live performances from artists yet to be announced including local comedians. The Dress code will be strictly formal.

This is an opportunity for everyone interest to learn, network, meet, and mostly have fun. Attendees will enjoy the privilege of connecting and rubbing shoulders with other expects who have implemented success from outside the kingdom. This is also a great platform to make introduce new business and also get great deals from the agency.

Swazi AD Agency thrives on ensuring a responsive & lasting experience for its clients and their stakeholders through seamless integration of physical and digital engagement materials. The agency offers patron relation services backed by versatile & experienced expertise in marketing strategy research, design and implementation.

The approach to creative media services is based on proven principles & strategies that are driven by the agency’s commitment to the direct response discipline of control-based testing & direct channel development. Swazi AD Agency assists clients in determining the best way to reach their target audience, select the ideal marketing mix & develop effective campaigns.

If you are interested please contact Mr. Lukhele on +26876595341 or Email: You can also visit the agency’s Facebook page: Swazi AD Agency. #EDMF2018 #SwaziADAgency #8IssaLuckyNumber #StillStanding #WeMakeItHappen

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