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How to beat Anxiety

Anxiety is quite becoming a common cause of dpression and destruction of lives in this generation. It is a sensitive topic that is often not discussed either because it is not considered relevant or because the idea of exposing such reactions feels uncomfortable and or confusing. Anxiety is a confusing condition especially because every living human is faced with anxiety from time to time. Anxiety “the Disorder” is when a person over thinks every thing either because of too much fear or being too anxious about the future. Individuals who suffer from Anxiety hardly  enjoys life because they constantly think that there world is against them in every circumstance, they are always feeling down and disconnected. There is a huge stigma attached to anxiety only attacking people who struggle financially. Although higher risks of anxiety can be experienced by individuals who struggle a lot in life, it is no exemption to those who have lavish lifestyle.

Take for example America’s famous comic and walk of fame star Howie Mendel who admitted to being under treatement for Anxiety.This goes to show that Individuals becomes depressed and live with anxiety because they often are chasing after the wrong things or are focused on things that are not within their reach. Ever had that feeling that something is missing? That you have what you have,  the things you have always seen as fulfilling but lack true happiness now that you have them. Lacking self fulfillment and not getting what you desire the most can lead to great anxiety and depression.Jealousy, greed, social media, families and society expectations and pressures are great sources of this.  However these are not the only causes of anxiety, relationships is also one of the root problems of this disorder . Relationships are complicated. They are loaded with baggage, each party brings from his or her past experience, as well as materials arising from the present, “real relationships”. Feelings, impulses and behaviours of such two people can result in unexpected circumstances and uncontrolled reactions which can automatically lead to anxiety or not.

What’s more important in dealing with anxiety or appearing signs of anxiety is trying to connect to the real source of one’s anxiety. Taking therapy or sharing your feelings or concerns with someone that understands can help moving forward. It is important for a help giver to help validate one’s fear and anxiety when necessary, like telling a person that feeling a certain way is not necessarily wrong or uncalled for but to be able to guard and not act on it. This helps the person to recognize their personal strengths to maintain certain boundaries and having personal control.

Self knowledge ignites the capacity for understanding one’s own values and beliefs, purposes and desires in life, to enable or empower the development of awareness for one’s personal style and coping style and for learning to take responsibility for one’s own reactions, reasonings and behaviours.

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