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Visit North West Eswatini this festive season

The North West region of the Kingdom of Eswatini has a lot to offer to both international and domestic visitors this festive season as reported on Eswatini Tourism Newsletter. Outstanding in natural beauty, and boasting Emlembe’s high mountain peaks, which stand proudly at 1862m, visitors have a choice of exploring nature reserves either on foot, horseback, mountain bike or even on zip-wire through the treetops. This part of the Kingdom is guaranteed to give you the best experience of highland adventures!

As the southern hemisphere summer has begun, the highlands of the Kingdom are looking great with the rains pouring generously and nature flourishing with life. The Phophonyane Falls are a beautiful sight this time of the year as they flow to their full capacity. These falls are part of Phophonyane Falls Eco-Lodge and nature reserve, which cascade down from high mountains into the thickest jungles that are home to a wide range of game and birdlife. You will enjoy a network of well-maintained hiking trails that allow visitors to explore and enjoy the stunning views. It is an ideal location for birdwatchers. Phophonyane reserve is located in an indigenous forest with luxurious accommodation comprising of cottages, luxury safari tents, beehive huts and an attractive a la carté restaurant.

The northern part of the Kingdom offers a variety of adventures from wildlife to scenery to historic sites and crafts. The artistic nature and heritage of Emaswati (Swati people) are visible through their paintings. To witness the breathtaking heritage of the ancient Emaswati, Nsangwini Rock Art is a fascinating rock shelter decorated with artworks from 4000 years ago.

Other historic sites include Bulembu. The historic mining village of Bulembu lies west of Pigg’s Peak at the end of a short scenic drive on a gravel road that takes visitors near the Devil’s Bridge on the slopes of Emlembe, the highest mountain in the Kingdom. The Bulembu village lies at the foot of the mountain near the now non-operational mine. The houses have been renovated, retaining their original character and today forming part of the lodge and resort. Bulembu has challenging hiking trails that lead to the summit of the Emlembe Mountain and the view from the peak is well worth it.

Any kind of adventure in the north-west side of the Kingdom would definitely include exploring the local craft at the Pigg’s Peak Craft Centre. This is a small town surrounded by pine forest, where you can find a variety of craft outlets and a stunning landscape. The handicrafts are created by Pigg’s Peak folk using locally available resources.

The northern part of the Kingdom is the home of one of Eswatini’s most popular tourist attraction, Ngwenya Glass. This festive season, you might want to watch mind-blowing glass-blowing at first hand and a showroom full of beautifully crafted ornaments. While witnessing the magic of handcrafting a piece of artwork from recycled glass, you can do a number of other things.

There are endless adventures on this side of the country one might want to experience. Visitors with high energy and an adventurous spirit might want to visit Malolotja Nature Reserve, which is the home of the canopy tour experience. Malolotja Nature Reserve, which is the home of the canopy tour experience. Malolotja has a vast diversity of vegetation, birds, game and trails and offers accommodation, restaurants as well as the unique tree-top zip-line, which enables visitors to glide through the forest while enjoying the view.

The North West part of the Kingdom has a lot to offer to tourists this festive season and this attraction cater for every kind of visitor. Visit the magnificent highlands of the Kingdom of Eswatini and experience amazing adventures.

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