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Was the Brand New Ford Ranger Won? By Whom?

The other day we privately discussed the Brand New Ford Ranger that was to be won by one lucky winner in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Indeed the public flocked in numbers to buy the raffle draw tickets with the hope of winning a brand new Ford Ranger Wildtrak vehicle. Tickets were sold for only E25 a ticket and it appeared to be worth a gamble considering that this vehicle costs around E800 000.

The Times of Swaziland in a publication dated 30th December 2018 reported that the ‘Win Me’, screamed tagline of the charity raffle draw that was under the auspices of Kwazi Foundation, whose founder is former Times SUNDAY reporter Kwazi Masuku. Agents were all over the country’s major towns selling the raffle draw tickets, which were also being sold through MTN Eswatini’s Mobile Money platform by dialling *007*3*12*2#.

White in colour, the vehicle would now and again be taken to various shopping malls and centres around the country where it was put on display for the public to see what was at stake. The car was the most perfect Christmas gift any person could think of, considering that the date of the draw was scheduled for Saturday, December 22, 2018.

Indeed, the draw is reported to have taken place on this date as confirmed to this publication by Masuku himself and the venue was the Manzini bus rank near the police post. However, it appears no media house was invited to this all-important event.

“I am angry at the Times boss, Channel S was there,” he said when asked through WhatsApp why he didn’t invite this publication to cover the event. It should be noted that neither Masuku nor anyone representing Kwazi Foundation contacted this publication about covering the raffle draw. Channel S has also denied having attended the draw.

Our team managed to get Masuku’s contact details and we will make follow up so we get his side of the story and maybe have an opportunity to interview the winner and hopeful get pictures to share with the public. We are still to do our investigation but rumours are saying Carson Motors have distanced themselves from this matter and we are yet to confirm from them as soon as the holidays are over. Masuku is said to have changed numbers yesterday. The question is why? Where are pics of the winner, where did the money go, where is the Wildtrak? We hope our readers will get the answers soon.

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