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Swazi Savage and Memes

Let’s start by going back a bit, shall we?

Hi, my name is Sabelo Laurence Lukhele. I am a young man, born on the 4th of October 1990. In 2010 I started my career, learning new things, doing different projects and doing all I can to become the best I can be. A lot of people took interest in what I was doing and I remember very well a lot would approach me to help them out on different projects.

As I grew my career a lot started happening as I started getting involved with bigger projects which most of this projects were basically a decision I took to learn, build a relationship with the people around me and also connect with new people as well. I managed to archive all this but some projects were not successful somehow, same were very successful and I still have a lot to implement.

I made various decisions, of which some were beneficial and part of them were not. However, no matter how much I would fail I would always pick myself.

Let’s fast forward it to last year 2018, well last year was one big year, a lot happened and yet again I missed something. Just to brief you, last year I introduced a platform Eswatini Daily News and this was one of the biggest moves I made with so much investment and positivity towards the project. I then engaged few people who showed an interest in “HELPING” me. Well, I met each and every one of them detailing the current situation, sharing the vision and agreeing on few things.

With the set arrangements as a leader, I would always explain to them the current situation, as an entrepreneur. I understand very well that each and everyone has responsibilities and different goals. I would always make sure I hustled harder which means whenever I get a team I make it a point to think of them whenever I think of myself, and the very same people who are now talking about me on social media will agree that when I had I would always share and when the wasn’t anything I wouldn’t, in fact, I would tell them kutsi you know guys kuyabhedza.

To my surprise, the very same people that have decided to look at all the bad I’ve done are the very same people who used to believe in what I was doing. However, with the challenges faced, I had to be the one who fixes those challenges. To be honest, I’m not rich or well off if I may say, but I always make it a point that I try to make things better from the current situation to a better-improved one.

I also believe with any challenge one has to look at the problem, come up with a solution and solve that problem. I have these brands I’m working on: Africa AD Agency, which is fully registered and more info can be achieved on this website: This is the main brand I’m mostly focusing on, however, I then created other brands that involve different people for example; SEM Cares Foundation which is a newly registered foundation and more of this info can be accessed here: I also have Eswatini Daily News which is basically a product created by Africa AD Agency. But let me not dwell much on the projects I’m working on.

Swazi Savage and Memes:

The people who are currently engaged in this different platform have common goals and I would say, my purpose isn’t being a con-artist as they claim on Swazi Savage and Memes. It somehow happened that the Admin of this page known as Meluleki “Sluga” Simelane was once involved with Eswatini Daily News, where he used to come up with very interesting news. Some of this news was published and I would make it a point to correct them as most of his agendas were to do as he has done with me last night.

Well, late last year we had a campaign we were running, and we managed to raise few items from different individuals who came up and donated different items. We also then delivered part of those items and few of them were placed at our offices set to be distributed to the right identified people the Foundation was to help. One day when I went to sort out one of our clients order my phone went off because I was out on the field working so that I can come back and share the little profit with them.

This time around I was just dealing with a complete type of people and mind you if one send a quotation to a client and provide a service to the client, there are costs that occur and before you get the profits you would have spent part of the money. Well just to sum it up the guys decided to take part of those food parcels that were donated to be distributed. When I return I asked everyone who happened to had been at the office on that that and I never got a straight answer.

Well, what I decided to do was make sure I complete the client’s job as part of the mystery that started in the office was causing challenges to even then complete that project.  One of the people we had targeted to benefit came to the office to collect what I had promised and after asking him if he received anything he told me he only got soap from the people he found at the office. While everyone was still hiding that for me I then consulted with everyone and got different answer which most of them decided not to return to the office to address that issue. I later got responses from one of the members who happened to be the very same person who published the post on Swazi Savage and Memes.

After making a call to him, I explained to him kutsi you know what Sluga, I hardly make enemies mine, but when a person tries to destroy me I will always come back to them to reason with them as I have no say on what people think of me or even care much about what they say behind my back because that doesn’t help me. At list, if the person addresses that issue and helps resort the problem then that I can do. He said he is no longer on facebook but few minutes after the post was taken down. However, with technology, most people who know me showed me the post and I went and replied on the very same post before it was deleted and all my comments were deleted by the very same person. At first, when I called him he ignored my calls and played music in a way to ignore what I had to say.

Just, in a nutshell, the same person in charge of the page is the very same person who happened to insult one of the big companies in Eswatini that is MTN. He is the very same person who always distributes false news and sometimes rude posts on the page. The same guy is the one that was involved in one of the scandals whereby he was forced to apologise and withdraw his statement he made on social media.

So what I would say with this issue is, according to me, I’ve learnt a lot on such acts and most of these challenges are meant to build and destroy you as an individual. However, if you believe on what you do, you got to stand tall and address such issues and move forward. I’m fully aware that they are promises I made that need to be addressed and yes I will honour all those promises I made as I believe “Umuntfu ngumuntfu ngebantfu”.

Lastly, some of the words people uses are never meant to build anything but destroy you as no one will ever like to see you succeed in anything you do. If it was easy then we all will be doing the very same thing. All I can say is for those who still believe in what I do, stay positive and trust me, something positive will come from what I do. We need to work together as a nation, create change, but not sit around and discuss who is doing what and how they must be doing it. Most of the people who complain are the very same people who hate change and they will always complain about anything.

So with those words, I would like to confirm that I am not at any chance a con-artist! I fully take responsibilities of any challenges caused but at the end of the day, I will fully honour my debts as I believe tikhwelede tahlala tikhona. I’m also human, I made mistakes and what I believe is I learn from those mistakes and aim to do better. At the end of the day, each and everyone has their own purpose in life.

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