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SEM Cares Foundation is looking for its face and brand ambassador

SEM Cares Foundation is looking for its face and brand ambassador. The charity, whose main focus is to mentor the youth into becoming changed agents in their own lives and provide support services, has partnered with the Eswatini National Youth Council (ENYC) and has begun the search for the right candidate who will represent the foundation in as the frontrunner for the search of donors and implementing part of the objectives that the foundation deals with. The applications have already started pouring in as hopeful enter for the chance of being the face of this prestigious foundation.

The three winners of the competition will receive E500(3rd Prize), E1500 (2nd Prize) and E3000 (1st Prize) respectively including other prizes yet to be announced and will each get a one-year contract to work as brand ambassadors whose responsibility will be to implement the objectives, campaigns and activities undertaken by the foundation.

That’s not all though, all twelve finalists will receive mentorship in fields ranging from public speaking and anything that might help them as they embark on the journey to becoming the best representative of the foundation they can be and are free to become full time members of the Foundation should they be willing.

The three-part competition will involve the initial application process where all hopefuls will send their names in for consideration. They will then be called in for the interview process where they will be asked various questions about themselves, their interests and what they have to offer the brand. The judges will then select the final 20 who will participate in the social media round which will lead to the selection of the final 12 candidates who will participate in the final fashion round on the 27th April at the George Hotel.

The ENYC encourages entrants from all regions as this is not just a model search, but a chance to engage the youth and arm them with skills that will be beneficial in later stages, including self-expression at the job application stage. All entrants will become part of the SEM Promotional Group upon entry and have the opportunity to benefit from all future SEM cares opportunities.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 35, are fluent in both SiSwati and English and are familiar with the atmosphere of the country then this is a great opportunity or you to join from whatever part of the country you are from. Entries close on the 15th February 2019.

The Foundation also seek the public, cooperate and other organizations to help out where possible.

About SEM Cares Foundation

SEM Cares Foundation is a new Charity Organization formed by SEM Promotional Group, which is a tittle of people including boys and girls who are hired to provoke consumers demand for a product, service, or brand by directly interacting with potential consumers. The group provides promotional models to all Event Organizing agencies or any party who needs extra staff for events such as Opening Ceremony, Conference, Press Release, Launching, Sampling, Activation, Road-Show, Exhibition, Fair, Festival, Concert, and Leafleting. However, SEM Cares Foundation’s business is not limited to marketing; but also, it extends to empowering the youth, society, and creating a balanced demand and supply market for employment opportunities.

The organization has four objectives based on its operations and these are:

  • To provide Foundation courses, education, and mentorship services to the youth on its career paths, in order to influence career decision making choices at an early stage.
  • To provide intimate and social support services to the youth in order to draw them closer to society and create a warm environment around them.
  • To provide quality service   in terms of service delivery in the market, new business ideas, and equal distribution of labour according to the level of production in the market, and
  • To create a flexible market, and distribution of labour in the trade industry, in order to promote sales, maintain existing customers and provide employment opportunities to the society.
  • To start income generating activities geared towards empowering the youth economically
  • Participation in community awareness and sensitization campaigns in such matters as health, education and HIV/AIDS etc.

Organizing, coordinating, Sponsoring and encouraging participation in local and international youth workshops so as to provide linkages with other youth counterparts in the rest of the world

Providing forum through which the youth can air their views in matters relating to their welfare.

ABOUT SEM Promotional Group

SEM Promotional Group is a national title for people including boys and girls who are hired to provoke consumers demand for a product, service, or brand by directly interacting with potential consumers. In general, a vast majority SEM are females and typically are intended to be physically attractive. They happen to provide information about the product or service and make it appealing to consumers. Most people have mistaken SEM with models. In some ways, SEM can work as a model depending on the demand of the client. However if they are validated to be a model since we all know models have their own strict and high standard in recruiting and models are more about art and fashion, they do runway catwalk and photo shooting where else SEM is more about marketing and business. In other words, SEM does not have to follow some certain diet regulation or work with their bodybuilder 24/7 unless they want to. They can be modelling, posing at a brand new car launching event, receptionists at an opening ceremony, conference, vendor sale representative, and many more.


The business we are offering is not only to the market but also to the young people, to the society, to the balance of the demand and supply between job and labour force. We are providing great staffing solution to all the business owners by indirectly managing the staff for them so they will never have to worry about hiring too many personnel employees for the slow business season and lacking staffs on the peak season. Combining the total amount one company has to pay for one employee besides the basic salary, you will see how much you have cut down in the managing cost for the company if you hire extra staffs from us instead of directly employing one personnel employee.

  • Opportunities for Youth
  • Training opportunities
  • Starting informal/self-employed activities
  • Participation in workshop that deals with the issues of youths


The organization’s mission is to mentor the youth into becoming changed agents in their own lives and provide support services. It also aims to attract and maintain potential customers.


To contribute extensively to improving decision making for the youth, and reduce the gap between creative jobs, and available human resources.


To create a well-informed youth, and stabilized job distributions in the near future.

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