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Is 80 Script really going to court?

Is 80 Script really going to court?

This question comes after Zolile ”80 Script” Motsa confirmed with this publication this morning that he received no summon whatsoever from Swazi Jive’s  Director and founder Sakhile Nkambule’s attorneys. This statement is contradicting with what Nkambule told his Instagram followers on a live feed on the 5th of March 2019. On the live feed, Sakhile emphasized that he has finally got hold of Zolile and he must have signed the documents by 5 pm accompanied by an apology.

The confirmation raises eyebrows as to whether it’s possible to sign a summon yesterday, and later today you come forward with an apology for your doings without the judge’s judgment? or it is just a way to show that Sakhile has been lying the whole time?

There are allegations on social media updates, (Twitter to be specific) which suggests that Nkambule was physically abusive to his former girlfriend, Nkambule refuted those claims on the very same platform. The posts with the domestic violence claims mostly come from his former girlfriend’s friends and relatives. This brings us to a bigger confusion as the public on what to believe and what to believe not. However, we haven’t seen any live feed yet from Nkambule and we hoping to have all answers today at around 5 pm. The publication also tried calling 80 Script and his phone wasn’t picked up as we wait for the set deadline.



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