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EARTH HOUR 2019 – Connect To Earth Recycle, Rethink, Change The Way You Live

Eswatini electricity company has been commencing the earth hour movement since 2011 and has over the years been able to encourage a large number of Swatis to switch off their non-essential lights and appliances for an hour, between 20:30 hrs and 21:30 hrs, with different purposes or motives behind. This year’s purpose is to pledge to help our planet, making it very visible that they are fighting for our world.

This year’s earth hour movement will be on the 30th of March 2019, held at the house on fire in Mahlanya, starting off at 7:30 am with a walk from Mahlanya to the house on fire. Everyone is invited especially the community at large.  After the walk at 9:30 Am Aerobics will take place till 11:30 am which will be a two-hour session.

Later in the evening at 6 pm, the movement will continue, therefore speeches from different company partners will take place. The main event will commence around 20;30 hrs – 21:30 hrs. The main reason behind the lights switch off is to focus on preserving the earth’s biodiversity and safeguarding the world’s remaining ecologically important areas and species from development pressures

It will be very pleasing to work with the company, to save more energy as the Nation, let us corporate and attend the event if we can.

Nathi Mzileni, a  boy from Eswatini, was inspired to take action in 2010 when he realised his town near Shewula Nature Reserve in the east of the country did not participate in Earth Hour.

He started a group at his High School called Green Enviro to educate people about climate change, and in 2011 year single-handedly made Earth Hour a reality with major buildings in Simunye turning off including the Church of the Nazarene, the Simunye National Library, Simunye Country Club and major schools such as the Ngomane and Lusoti Primary Schools and Lusoti High.

This initiative has since been taken over by EEC which have made it an annual event that brings in people from different areas using one venue in support of the earth hour movement. As Eswatini Daily News we do encourage our Swati people to partake on this movement #CishaLogesi as one of their previous campaigns was implemented and for this year’s theme is #CONNECT2EARTH. 

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