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This phone is not waterproof; does it offer niceties like wireless charging or military-grade build that protects its front screen from cracking. Calling these aspects out isn’t meant to ding against the Q6, but it’s important to distinguish them given how similar the two phones look. It’s currently available in Eswatini Mobile branches.

Vision display and the camera save this phone
– Taller aspect ratio makes for a more immersive viewing experience
– 1080p display is crisp and vibrant but at the cost of colour accuracy
– Camera tech and software is among the most competent around

The Q6 calls out to the multimedia fans with its 5.5-inch Full Vision display that pushes away bezels in favour of more screen real estate. Unlike most phones, this one has an 18:9 display that runs at 2,160 x 1,080 – and odd resolution thanks to the odd aspect ratio.

This means it’s literally twice as tall as it is wide, While this doesn’t impact general use all that much, the extra bit of screen gained makes watching movies and playing games a bit more immersive on the Q6, as it did on the G6.

Speaking on the screen’s quality, its LCD is plenty detailed, vibrant and plenty bright, though sometimes to the point where the colours look washed out and the lighting can be harsh on the eyes. Moving to the cameras, LG’s 13MP single rear-facing sensor is shockingly capable in the right hands – and in favourable lighting conditions. LG’s camera app is fast to boot from the lock screen and though it doesn’t always produce great results, it’s one of the better midrange cameras out there.

While most of the heavy-lifting is performed by the larger sensor, the front-facing camera is no slouch. At 5MP, the detail presented in each photo isn’t astounding, but being able to swap between regular and wide-angle presentation is an awesome perk that LG loves to stick in its phones.

Adding to this, LG’s camera software continues to be among the best, if not the best, around. From filters to the simple user interface and innovative dual capture that staples two squared-off images together, creators will have a blast here.

Further down in the review, you can check out a growing collection of photo samples that show off the highs and lows of this phone’s capabilities. All said the Q6 won’t replace your point-and-shoot or your flagship smartphone camera. But if your expectations are checked, this phone will impress.

Camera. As we stated above, the LG Q6 is a competent snapper. Intimate, well-lit shots tend to come out as you’d hope they would and selfies pop in both regular and wide-angle presentation. We had issues with this phone’s low light performance, as we did with its tendency to overblow the highlights in a given photo. This can make shooting on a sunny or overcast day difficult when usually those are the best days to take photos during.

We had a mix of victories and defeats with the Q6. Given its mid-range status, we’re delighted that we had more of the former than the latter. Check out the photo album and video sample below Battery life, The LG Q6 packs in a 3,000mAh battery, which for a phone of this size and price is a fairly modest capacity.

Like most phones available now, the Q6 has no issue whatsoever surviving a day of use. However, if you’re a multimedia or Twitter hog like me, you’ll likely finish your day in the 20% area with the Q6. To give you a better idea on how the battery drains, watching a 90-minute high definition video wiped out 16%. This leaves a healthy amount of life left in the Q6 to stick by your side for the rest of the day. However, if you’re watching the on-and-off YouTube clip, interspersed with a few rounds of Hearthstone, you’ll see the percentage plummet – as you would with any device.

From a zeroed-out state, a half-hour plugged into the charger revives LG’s midrange smartphone to about 25%. It takes a full hour for it to reach 73% and just under an hour and a half to fully charge it. Astoundingly, this phone can lie dormant for days without losing much battery. We left it on over a long, three-day weekend and returned to it still with 87% of the charge remaining.

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