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Eswatini Daily News Launched a New Feature

Africa AD Agency has done it yet again, introducing an extra feature on their site product, which was on their plans when they started their Online Newspaper early last year. The publication made the announcement on their social media including Emails to potential clients.

EDN Directory is an online marketplace that helps companies’ owners to list their business as well as find other service providers. It is a place to get different benefits such as discounted online advertising, improve your local business visibility and boost your website/blog search engine ranking including your social media platforms. The directory will also help you to get traffic onto your business blogs/websites. It’ll also turn the business leads that you gain from business directory into sales leads.

Brands today live across a variety of intelligent services, from Google to Facebook to Siri, that show facts like hours, product offerings, and customer reviews. It’s more important than ever for businesses to manage and maintain this digital knowledge everywhere it lives, and yet this crucial data is often scattered across the enterprise.

“Knowledge is powering your company, and it’s powering the next generation of intelligent services,” said Mr. Lukhele during the brief. “According to Wikipedia‘s explanation; The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the fourth major industrial era since the initial Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres, collectively referred to as cyber-physical systems.” he lamented.

The agency is offering a once off payment of E220.00 per company to be listed into the directory and it would like to edge the public and all businesses out there to get listed as the website drives a lot of traffic and has gone up to +350k viewership in less than two years. To view how the listing will be please click here: EDN Directory.

This offer is valid till 30 April 2019 and after that, all companies will be asked to pay a monthly fee subjected to normal rates charged by the publication and more details can be asked on

Eswatini Daily News is an informative product for the like-minded population with a special interest in Business News and the Latest Updates on what’s happening around Eswatini, Primarily targeting business, events, lifestyle, technology and sports. Our target market is guided by aspiration towards a higher technology standard measure.

Why advertise with us?

We aim at making Eswatini Daily News much more than an Online Newspaper by building a strong community around it and providing various business and networking opportunities for our clients, partners and readers, starting with discussion for forum, blogging, social media tools and targeted advertising.

Eswatini Daily News has exciting offers for companies and business looking to tap into our growing readership. Our advertising opportunities are as diverse as the Online Newspaper content itself, plus it’s highly customizable and highly affordable.

Here is why advertising with us makes sense:

  • Specific target reach – Catering for the market interested in Business, Entertainment, Technology, Sports and Travel. Why not get your services known via our Online Newspaper and subscribe for our Business Directory for only E220.00 which is a lifetime plan?
  • Added-value services – Get more for your spent buck when you choose our affordable advertising packages with free amazing benefits and exciting discounts!
  • Flexible, customizable packages – Choose what best suits your needs and budget!
  • Great Audience reach – Being digital, and mobile accessible means that we can access a broader coverage, ideal for foreign companies and business who want to tap into the African market or local companies and businesses looking to expand their business beyond African borders.

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