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Multiple research has time and time again revealed that a majority of the poor and rural African girl child sometimes misses school and exams because She could not afford sanitary wear. Some of the girls even go to the extent of going to clinics for contraceptives to stop their period so that they would not have to buy sanitary pads. This information draws attention to the need for sanitary pads in schools and amongst young people in general.

A group of 6 Public Relations students from Limkokwing have to give a helping hand in helping the girl child who cannot afford to buy the sanitary towels. Together they have formed “SEBENTA NATHI FOUNDATION” a charity organization that is currently running a Sanitary Wear Campaign for Underprivileged Girls.

The main and absolute vision of the running campaign is to keep girls in school no matter the circumstances. Throughout the campaign young girls will be informed about bodily changes as far as adolescence is concerned. The young girls in question will also be prepared for womanhood.

SEBENTA NATHI’s main mission is to raise awareness, educate, inform the whole nation of the struggles girls go through at both home and school due to the lack of proper sanitary wear. The foundation will also educate the young sheroes about the whole menstrual process and its hygiene.

Since menstruation is not a choice but a natural process SEBENTA NATHI hopes to collect enough pads to be given to the less privileged. The organization is pleading with the entire Kingdom to help donate pads, get help in distributing the collected pads and also get help in educating the young girls.

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to raise awareness to the government, getting the government to pass a law where sanitary pads would be distributed like condoms. Have them in toilets, hospitals, work and so forth for free.

For donations, the public can directly contact Dlamini Sebenele on 76496890 or follow their page on Facebook #OnePadAtATimeKeepingGirlsInSchool. Donate pads and keep the girl in school.

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