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Since the disappearance of local Kwaito Prince Bistan, the music and entertainment fraternity has been asking what happened to Bistan. We were since told by his manager that he went for Initiation (kuthwasa).

His manager, Qinsile, was reported meeting with LasNumba’s entertainment company and confirmed that the Kwaito Prince will be back in studio as from the end of of August 2019.

Image Cred: Kwenu

Bistan’s manager assured us that although his Ancestors finally agreed that he may continue his musical career, there are terms with regards to the way he conducts himself through his musical journey. Bistan has been in the music industry for over 15 years and has worked with a number of local and South African musicians and producers including Thibotash, +268, Whoops, Mseth, SubJamz, Bhar, Mvilas, Pantsula, Babes Wodumo and DJs Peace & Foster. Bistan penetrated the music industry in 2008 with the award winning hit Syafoma which he recorded with the Swazi Pride.

His manager assured Bistan’s fans and followers that the Kwaito artist is more than ready to get back to studio and work on releasing a come back single. His manager, when asked about the dress code of emahiya and the entire presentation of the new Bistan, she said that is still to be confirmed with Labaphasi.

We received and sourced the article from Bistan’s team who asked us to publish the article as Eswatini Daily News.

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