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Following the ongoing social media scandals, SMALLZ the Comedian has taken to social media to apologise to his fans after the issue between him and his fellow comedians Slwane and Gedlembane went viral.

The comedian told the public that they were working on normalising the situation the best way.

“To our dearly beloved community of followers here and everywhere – In light of the media reports as published in Eswatini yesterday, per our issue with our colleague Gedlembane, may we first convey our sincerest apologies on the duress and distrust that this has cast on you and how you have grown to perceive and love us,” he wrote.

Smallz requested that fans be patient with them and to continue trusting that everything would be back to normal as such situations would make them grow and learn.

“Please be guaranteed that we will come out stronger and better empowered to serve you even better,” he said.

However, People were heated up as they felt Smallz was beating about the bush. They stated that they felt he should have mentioned in his post the way forward.

Smallz recently posted a picture of himself, Gedlembane and Slwane with a caption that said, ‘PR was such a great sport when properly handled’.

This raised questions to some of his fans as they assumed that the problems they had were stunts, which served to get the people talking.

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