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Mswati faces royal pressure to hand over power

MANZINI: Sive Siyinqaba, a ‘conservative’ political party dominated by members of the royal family has warned that King Mswati was on a suicide mission and calls for urgent action before he sinks with the whole country.

In a statement sent to this Swaziland News, Sive Siyinqaba Chairperson Musa Nkambule said the current events in the country suggests that the King wants to sink with the whole country and called upon citizens to remain afloat and allow the King to sink alone.

The statement from the powerful royal linked political party comes after sources told this publication that some aggrieved members of the royal family were holding meetings with the intention of advising the King to hand over power to the people before the situation gets worse.

The Chairperson of the political party said the situation was worsened by the purchasing of the Rolls Royce cars and the fleet of BMWs, which he said, was an indication that the King was on a suicide mission.

“Sive Siyinqaba holds the view that someone is on a suicide mission; unfortunately, he wants to sink with the whole country. We think it is time we say, we would rather remain afloat than to sink with you. High volumes of hundreds of millions in foreign exchange have been siphoned from the country to be spent in countries that need them less, in the form of competitive royal trips that we witnessed this year. It was like one was outsmarting the other” said the Chairman.

The former Minister alleged that the massive royal expenditure that involves the purchasing of these cars would be escalated by a huge human resource as more than half of the armed forces are stationed as royal guards in every royal residence.

“Rolls Royce’s and BMWs’, expensive as they are, are a tip of the iceberg. More than half of the armed forces, police and correctional services are stationed as royal guards in every royal residence where the national flag fly. There are more police officers providing security to the first family and serving as escorts to each of the wives and children, than there are stationed in the country’s police stations, combined” he said.

The Chairman said as Sive Siyinqaba National Movement they always believed the Nation had a say within the cultural spheres of the Monarch but they have since noted the significant shift from this position.

“In our support and inherent belief in the institution of the Monarch, Sive Siyinqaba has since its formation, always held the view that the Nation enjoys primacy and supremacy within the traditional system. However, in the recent past, Sive Siyinqaba has noted with regret a significant shift from this position by those entrusted with the keys of State,” said Nkambule.

The Chairman said the recent events in the country were a classical example of the downfall of many Monarchies in ancient times where the ruling class fought commoners.

“This is what led to the erasure of the Kingdoms of Europe, including England before reformation” he said

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