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Eswatini Men’s Conference to address some of the societal issues

Eswatini Men’s Conference is a concept that has been adopted from the neighbouring South Africa where a fictional men’s conference was made up by men as an escape plan for Valentine’s Day last year. This imaginary conference blew up to neighbouring countries such as Eswatini as men went to the extent of creating speakers, subjects of discussions and activities for the event that was not to be.

Through observing the extent to which this blew up and noting the ever growing cases of men found to have been abusing women, sexually, physically and otherwise, throughout the world, with no exception to Eswatini, hence the need to have the, “Real Men’s Conference,” to address some of the societal issues that particularly touching on men.

“It is also through this event that we seek to educate Eswatini men about what the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Act entails and how it touches on men. We also want to speak about men ways in which we can harmonize relationships between men and women who are often fighting over many things, which we hope will then strike the balance of roles in the society. Furthermore, we want to touch on how men need to tackle societal issues that involve them and women, as well as put it out there that gender based violence has and will never be a solution, but rather prefer to promote dialogue, amongst the many issues.” explains Mlondi Mpanza who the Eswatini Men’s Conference Organizing Committee Secretary.

This will be a weekend long event that will be held from the 14th to the 16th February 2020 at a venue that will only be revealed to interested participants. Interested candidates can contact Mlondi Mpanza, Ndosh Webenguni and Dr-Shakes, all on Facebook.

The organizers have partnered with multiple speakers from different sectors who will be facilitating the engagements, artists who will be performing for the participants and companies such Young Inc, Mega Sound Entertainment, Strydom Mpanza Foundation who are sponsoring the event including our media house.

“As Eswatini Men’s Conference, we would like to request for support from Eswatini companies, business people, artists as we work towards hosting a memorable First Ever Eswatini Men’s Conference” pleaded Mpaza. More details on the event will be revealed during the week and for more information, interested participants can contact Mlondi Mpanza on 76526337.

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