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Writing text for the purpose of advertising

Last week we suggested that people should invest on our sponsored content package, which only cost E3500.00. However, copywriting also matters most. Whether you’re a small-business owner, a medium-size business owner, or simply trying to break into the copywriting industry, understanding the fundamentals of writing sales-oriented copy and put you on a path to success. At its core, copywriting is another device in a business’ marketing toolbox.

Well-written copy can make or break an ad or marketing piece. With that in mind, copywriting can equate to either well-spent advertising investments or a waste of advertising budget.

Many people misinterpret the uniqueness of effective copywriting. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard freelance writers say they want to shift from article writing to copywriting as if it’s simply an extension of their existing abilities. Copywriting does come naturally to some people, but for most, it’s a foreign landscape they do not know how to navigate. Copywriting is about more than writing the hard sell sales letter that many short copywriting courses offer. In fact, I cringe when I see those over-the-top sales letters, which do little more than provide an ugly representation of copywriting, sales and marketing.

Well-crafted copywriting doesn’t need to beat a person over the head. It doesn’t have to drown in bold typeface and capitalization. The message should stand on its own without an overabundance of heavy-handed sales language and design embellishments. I associate many sales letters that are guilty of this technique with a writer who doesn’t truly understand the basic purpose of copywriting.

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