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Out of the friend zone

Here is a story we are all too familiar with but with an unusually beautiful ending.

They were friends (best friends if you may), for a little over a year before Sicelo Ndlandla shot his shot. He was willing to risk it all just for a chance. And risk it all he did because his shot was shot down followed by two months of silence. He managed to lose his friend and the love of his life with one proposal. Ouch!!

He, however, was not demotivated. He knew what he wanted and as we have all witnessed (if you’ve been following the story), the man is a go getter. Simile is who he wanted and two months later Simile is who the universe delivered, but still just as a friend.

How he won her
The earth rotates, the year ends and Sicelo, like a flask, is still burning on the inside yet cool on the outside.

But what Sicelo doesn’t know at this point is that the love of his life is s, secretly praying for love and is already in love with him. They held hands once, a while ago (even before he shot his shot) and her heart decided it will kindly like to be left in his hands. So what he really needed to conquer was not her heart, which was still in his hands, it was her fears.

Would they still be best friends even if they’re lovers? What would happen if they broke up? Would they no longer be friends? So they’d just smile and wave across the church hall and pretend they don’t want to go back to the state things were in? Most importantly, how long did Sicelo want their relationship to last? Did he want a long term relationship or he wanted to see where things are going to lead?
Also, valentines was just around the corner and Facebook was most probably filled with those annoying yet funny videos of guys dancing and singing ‘valentines is coming ♪…where is your boyfriend? ♪ You are sitting alone at home…♫…lonely.’
So when he proposed his love again in 2017, days before valentine, the gods had already done the groundwork for him. Kwakhe bekutsi atsi nje gci!!

Fast forward to Sunday, the 1st of July 2018, there was Sicelo on one knee. His heart probably beating out of his chest, asking the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on to be the better half of his life. The rest, is beautiful history.
Today, the Ndlandlas were voted and won as Eswatini’s favorite couple in the #mylovestory challenge. They won endless prizes and got to share with the world their beautiful love story and their adventures. They are living in their happily ever after.

Over to you
I hope our million brothers sitting in the friend zone hoping there’ll be the next bachelor picked to come up and present their case without consequences will be uplifted by this love story. If you are sure she’s the one and believe you can make her happy may you regain hope and try and try again. And if you just want to waste her time, may your lightning be released right now!! Fire!!

But all in all, we celebrate our soldier who made it out of the friend zone war. Here is to many hopeful soldiers still at war…I’ll drink to you.

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