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While Government encourages the public to wear a face mask when going to public spaces to acquire essential services, it has now come to our attention that some people have adopted a dangerous tendency of sharing masks.

Sharing of face masks is strictly prohibited as it is quickest route to spreading the coronavirus and other diseases. Government has noted that some passengers using public transport are now sharing masks thus exposing themselves, families and communities to a serious risk of COVID 19.

The dangers of sharing a mask include:

  • It spreads the virus faster
  • It increases the chances of the second user to be infected from the first user which then increases the infection among the entire population.

Government appreciates that the country does not have enough supply of masks in the market for now hence in the interim, passengers will be allowed to use public transport without wearing a mask. This will be done following all the hygiene guidelines as outlined by the Minister of Public Works and Transport which include:

  • All passengers boarding public transport must have their hands washed with water and soap or sanitized prior to boarding.
  • Public transport must be regularly disinfected and kept clean at all times.
  • Public transport should operate at 70% capacity.

It is however important to emphasize that only essential travel should be undertaken by the public. Non essential travel remains strictly prohibited over the partial lockdown period.

The Ministry continues to urge the public to wash hands with running water and soap, avoid touching your face and stop the manipulation of the face mask as that increases the chances of transmitting the virus.

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