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SEM Cares Foundation is a registered, youth founded organization whose mission is to help the youth/young people to develop their skills and help them identify their strength potential to establish their own businesses which are market relevant community-based.

Partaking in community activities and decision making, linking youth activities with the international community the organization was founded because of the venerability of young people in social issues economical, health, employment opportunities business forum, etc.


  • Training opportunities
  • Starting informal/self-employed activities
  • Participation in workshops that deals with the issues of youths
  • Mentorship and Empowerment
  • Job opportunities
  • Networking & Skill development
  • Volunteering


The organization’s mission is to mentor the youth into becoming facilitators of change in their own lives and provide support services.


To contribute extensively towards improving decision making for the youth, and reduce the gap between creative jobs, and available human resources.


To create a well-informed youth, and stabilized job distributions in the near future.


The Kingdom of Eswatini including the world is currently affected by the pandamic #Covid19. SEM Cares Foundation is currently looking for 1000 members to join hands in means to buy land where the foundation plans to create job opportunities.

This movement’s aim is to have loyal membees who wish to support the vision for this foundation. Members who will help during constrction and implementing part of the goal plans.

Each member will be given a loyal access to our weekly Newsletter which will include all features, information on strategic plans for the foundation. How, individuals can be trained for specific job opportunities. Developing skills and practise which includes attending our next fundraising campaign that the foundation always host annually. This time around the foundation will allocate 3months after the pandamic is over then start executing the campaign which is aimed to raise funds for the land and construction. Hopeful for this year we had planned to have tge event on November, if the #Covid19 get worse we will have to shift everything to 2021. However the membership can be activated to start bemefiting on training and the likes.

The target for this fundraising is to raise 1 billion rands or emalangeni which will be an additional fee that will add on a 60% investment done by one of the stackholders.

How to join?

Anyone can become a member from the age of 10 years to 50 years. This is due to the fact that the vision for this organization is a long term plan and we need as much support as we can get. However, most participating and benefitials are targeting the youth.

2nd Annual Fundraising Event

The foundation already has a website: Upon visiting the site, interested candidates can click on Join us which will show a form and payment instruction of E150.00 which can be done via Mobile Money (78686688) or FNB Account set for the foundation. We also accept donations on same payment platforms.

For more information about the movement please email: or call: +26878686688.

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