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Stay at Home, Stay Safe and Build Skill for less cost

Corona virus pandemic has caused massive, worldwide disruption of normal life, with a vast majority of individuals, being asked to work from home.

It is likely that you would find it difficult to maintain your productivity by virtue of being stuck at home & once the boredom and monotony sets in, you may want to start looking around for more options to keep yourself engaged.

Whether you are ten or ninety you use the internet because it is a huge library where the information on a certain topic is distributed among a number of computers rather than located on a single computer.

Particularly when the topic is education, the resources on the internet are endless.

What about to #upgrade your skills? We have created an extra feature on our online platform (ONLINE COURSES) that can help you add more skills & to make the most of your time spent at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

The new additional feature is set to help Eswatini Daily News generate revenue in means to continue delivering the best content for our readers.

Currently we are developing useful information (course build-up) for all our first 10 courses that we believe are relevant and can help our audience (students or working class) benefit from partaking. While we still on the process we also welcoming partners to help us deliver the best content. We are also affiliating with an international University for Post Graduates which we will finalize and announce once we have signed and finilized with them.

Let’s take an advantage of the free time we have been granted. Start developing a skill you always wanted to but did not have the time for it. Now, you have that time! Do not miss the opportunity to show the world how good you are at handling difficult situations.

Basic Courses: Registration fee: E250.00

  • Graphic Design
  • Doll face Make Up
  • Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship

We are also going to be offering commision earnings to students who refer our courses including certificates to qualifying student that have completed their courses. Our courses can be done on and off-site on arrangement. This opportunity is also good for networking purposes including interning programs which is a benefit to candidates with great reference. Each course will only cost between E500 – E2500. To register click here

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