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Africa AD Agency explains the PRAE concept

Africa AD Agency would like to clarify few things based on The Public Relations Association of Eswatini (PRAE formation concept. “Since 2010 Africa AD Agency has been recognized as one of the pre-eminent full service research, marketing, advertising, design and public relation firms servicing a nation-wide client base.

The agency got registered in 2016 and as an aggressive agile firm; Africa AD Agency believes in the fundamentals of communication strategies and has developed a reputation for effective target marketing.”

Our purpose is to elevate the marketing & advertising industry to greater heights, with minimal economic or environmental strain and our Vision is to become a leading provider of Advertising Agency Services to the changing needs of the democratic and growing companies and individuals of Eswatini, with integrated science designed solutions. Laurence Lukhele who is the founder of the agency explains.

Just to explain, Africa AD Agency thrives on ensuring a responsive & lasting experience for its clients and their stakeholders through seamless integration of physical and digital engagement materials.

The agency offers patron relation services backed by versatile & experienced expertise in marketing strategy research, design and implementation.

The approach to creative media services is based on proven principles & strategies that are driven by the agency’s commitment to the direct response discipline of control-based testing & direct channel development.

Africa AD Agency assists clients in determining the best way to reach their target audience, select the ideal marketing mix & develop effective campaigns.

Coming back to the association, the agency has seen a gap for local industry and what we did was to create a product that we feel like it has got attention to the industry players.

We believe that this product will bring a great solution to our Kingdom. We are more than thankful that some of the key players have contacted us and may however feel like we took the wrong move towards this approach.

We are more than happy to arrange a meeting and inviting all the key players in the mentioned industry as we are more than aware that we cannot start an association without engaging the right people.

Be rest assured that we haven’t taken any money from anyone but willing to work with people and assist where possible we however will support everyone who shows interest on being part of this movement as we will sees to pave through the right platforms until the Association is a standalone product for the benefit of its own members.

Remember, it’s important as we look at Public Relations (PR) while we studying Marketing and we look at how they complement each other. PR is driven by reputation and the reputation as an organization is very much a reality and the reality is what others are saying about you as an organization which builds up your image.

Whereas, marketing is all about what we say about our self and very much about building the brand and a brand is very much the organizational identity.

This is where the agency comes in to create that inter-relationship. If an organization spends time Marketing, creating clear consistence, communication, messages, and PR being transparent in their operations they can start to help one another because the house can actually open its doors and welcome the branding and the reputation of the organization can help support and protect the organizational brand.

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