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The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to be a significant public health problem around the globe, and the Kingdom of Eswatini has not been spared. Although we observe a decline across Africa and in the country there is still a high risk of a second increase in numbers, as seen in many countries around the globe.

This has largely been attributed to the lifting of lockdown restrictions that has also seen the opening up of international travel. The Kingdom of Eswatini continues to see sustained community transmission, despite the observed reduction in numbers in the recent weeks. The country therefore is still in the National Emergency mode, thus the current easing of travel restrictions is based on the current epidemic curve which will be reviewed as the pandemic evolves. Non-essential travel remains discouraged.


Travelers and passengers will continue using the points of entry that were functional during the lockdown (Ngwenya, Mahamba, Lavumisa, Mananga, Matsamo, King Mswati 111 International Airport and Matsapha Airport). Lomahasha will remain the only gate way to MozambiquTravelers entering the Kingdom of Eswatini
i. All travelers entering the Kingdom of Eswatini will be screened at the Points of Entry (POE) for the following.
a. COVID-19 negative certificate/Results taken within 72hrs before entry into the country.
b. Symptoms of COVID-19
c. Country of origin and transit.
ii. Travelers who do not present a valid negative COVID-19 result or is presenting with COVID-19 symptoms or both, will be required to do the
COVID-19 test at the Point of Entry at their cost.
iii. Travelers may be required to undergo a quarantine not exceeding 14 days or isolation as advised by the port health officers.

  1. Travelers going out of the Kingdom of Eswatini
    i. All travelers should plan to have a COVID-19 test not more than 72hrs before the travel date.
    ii. Testing for COVID-19 will be at the cost of the traveler at a private laboratory. See Contract details below.
    iii. All travelers leaving the Kingdom of Eswatini will screened at the point of exit
    a. COVID-19 certificate/Results taken 72hrs before exit out of the country
    b. Symptoms of COVID-19
    c. Country of destination and transit.
    iv. If found to be having COVID-19 symptoms the traveler will not be allowed to exit the country and the protocol for COVID-19 testing will
    be effected. The testing will be done at their own cost.

Essential Travelers such as daily commuters i.e scholars, teachers, truck drivers who have been making cross border travel during the travel restriction period will continue to travel following the protocols they have previously used.

The Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini would like to ensure that all travelers have a safe and COVID free stay while visiting the country. All travelers and residents are expected to adhere to the following 5 MUST Dos.

  1. Wear a mask consistently and correctly in public spaces. This is mandatory in the Kingdom of Eswatini. This not only protects you but also
    protects others from getting infected.
  2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and running water for at least 40
    seconds or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer to clean your hands. Keeping the hands clean is essential because of how often people touch their faces or rub their eyes, giving the virus a pathway into the body.
  3. Watch your distance; it must be at least 1m away from another person. The greater the distance, the less the chances of getting infected from an
    infectious person.
  4. Avoid the “Three Cs: Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people near each other and Close-contact setting such as close-range conversations. A combination of these 3 Cs, results in a high transmission of the virus.
  5. Opt for the outdoors – this is always better than indoor should there be a need to hold a function in line with COVID-19 compliance. This is the time to DO IT ALL.

NB – Laboratory Contacts Currently the cost of the RT-PCR test is E850.00
a. Lancet Laboratories Eswatini. Telephone: +268 2404 2368/3108, +268 2505 8593, +268 2416 2046. Client Services Swaziland:
b. Ampath Laboratories. Telephone: +268 2505 7803, Mobile: +268 7659 3590.

The public will be updated as and when other laboraties are allowed to offer the same testing service.

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