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Short listing phase: Eswatini Daily News Next Generation movement

Eswatini Daily News Next Generation movement will deliver insights into youth brand preference and consumer behaviour. The Youth Marketing Conference, Interactive Showcase and Awards will be charged with new energy and loads of inspiration for effective youth engagement strategies for brand, marketing, media and advertising professionals in the youth marketing space who hope to better understand consumption habits, trends, and much more and this is categories as Marketing & Media event.

There will be two components to the overall study, the first which will focus on brand preference and the second which will focus on lifestyle and consumer behaviour. Data collection will take place between  February and March 2021, due to covid-19, the data collection will be done online using the same platform. The intense research analysis will be conducted by Africa AD Agency in conjunction with SEM Cares Foundation Members. Highlights will be published using our media platform.

  1. brand preference: The brand preference component of the study will poll the opinions of young people to establish which brands they think are the coolest across different categories.
  2. lifestyle and consumer behaviour: The second component of the study will be conducted simultaneously (with the same demographic sample) and will require respondents to reflect their attitudes as young consumers and is aimed at getting a grip on youth habits and behaviour. This section of the study will be split over two questionnaires, in order to avoid respondent fatigue and to ensure that we can probe deeply into many facets that give us an in-depth perspective into the psyche of this dynamic market segment.

Purpose:  The Eswatini Daily News Next Generation study will be undertaken by Africa AD Agency set to be the leading annual youth brand preference and consumer behaviour survey, Targeting +10,000 youth aged 8 to 23 and young professionals aged 24 – 30. Keeping track of how youth interact with and respond to brands is an ongoing process; this initiative was set to kick-start early January 2021. Results will be released on Eswatini Daily News annually, and it culminates in glittering awards event that recognises the coolest brands and popular people in the Kingdom of Eswatini set for November 2021.

Why is this study useful for your business?

Every business needs to connect with young people and here is why:

  • They are the largest percentage of the population
  • They have direct and indirect purchasing power and influence
  • Your future relevance, and to some extent current, relevance is determined by them
  • They are your future client and employee so understanding them is critical to your organisational success

Vision: To become the most comprehensive youth marketing research survey in the Kingdom of Eswatini, serving as a powerful litmus test for the effectiveness of the youth marketing strategies of some of the most well-known brands in the country.

Mission: To poll the opinions of over 10 000 young people country-wide to uncover Eswatini’s coolest youth brands and personalities but more importantly to answer the burning question: What do you need to know to better connect with the youth of Eswatini?

Research Study

  • Kids 8 – 13
  • Teens 14 – 18
  • Young Adults 19 – 23
  • Young professionals 24 – 30

Three-phase methodology

  1. Shortlisting phase

The first phase of this research study will be conducted with approximately 500 young people (ages 8-23) in the major cities across Eswatini to identify which brands are the coolest of the cool. This process relies on spontaneous mentions and results in a comprehensive listing of top-of-mind brands that young people have identified as being the coolest in their particular category. From this, each category is shortlisted into a listing of top brands (number dependent on the category) that feature on the final questionnaire sent into the field in the quantitative research phase.

  1. Quantitative phase

The second phase of the research will be conducted in urban and peri-urban schools, universities and colleges across the country.

In addition, we will brief 60 teachers (all of whom will be selected on the basis and they will have an existing relationship with us as School Liaison Officers) to conduct the brand preference questionnaire with their learners. These teachers will facilitate classroom sessions yielded in primary and high school respondents. Africa AD Agency will recognise the valuable contribution to be made by the participating schools and ensures that each school is rewarded for their effort and the time spent with the learners.

  1. Qualitative phase

The third phase of the research will be conducted during sessions with a selection of Kids, Teens and Young Adults. These sessions will highlight what young people identify as being significant issues unfolding in their peer circles and document why they prefer particular brands over others. These verbatims add insight to the quantitative report findings which will enhance the report writing process.

Special Mention: Coolest Brand Overall Category

The Coolest Brand Overall winner will be determined from the top three winners in nine categories, namely Coolest Cellphone; Coolest Clothing Store; Coolest Clothing Brand; Coolest Motor Vehicle; Coolest Hi-Tech Gadget; Coolest Computer Brand; Coolest Fast Food Place and Coolest Cold Drink.

The selection of the eight categories is based on the importance of these categories to the youth. The delphi (or difference) between the actual and expected percentages will be calculated, squared, and expressed as a ratio of the expected percentage based on the number of brands listed in each category. This ratio is also known as a chiSquare distance. Finally, across the top three winners in the nine categories, a total of 24 chi-square distances will be calculated. These figures will be sorted from the highest to the lowest and duplicate winners will be eliminated. Once the top ten brands have been identified, the chi-square distances will be added and expressed as percentages adding up to 100, to determine the top 10 Coolest Brand nominees.

Digital Interactive Showcase: November 2021 will see 300 youth gather to interact and engage with the brands through displays, activations and competitions. There will be 2-time slots consisting of 150 youths at a time to accommodate social distancing. Age groups will include those between 8-23.

Youth Marketing Conference: Marketing gurus in the youth space will give insight into how to crack the youth market, especially when it comes to this “new norm”. This will be a digital series of 6 events between February and August 2021 that leads up to the final Awards announcement taking place on the 6th November.

Awards Ceremony: On the evening of the interactive showcase, we will reward the coolest brands as voted by youth. This will be by invite for the top 3 finalists in each category to accommodate social distancing. The Awards will be live-streamed to the broader marketing industry to ensure they don’t miss out.


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Coolest Local Male Celebrities, Coolest Brand Slogans, Coolest Make-Up Brands, Coolest Campaign Targeted at Youth, Coolest Male Deodorants, Coolest Cellphones, Coolest Motor Vehicles, Coolest Online Influencer, Coolest Clothing Brands, Coolest Clothing Stores, Coolest Petrol Stations, Coolest Cold Drinks, Coolest Radio Stations, Coolest Colleges, Coolest Shoe/Footwear Brands, Coolest Shopping Malls, Coolest Community Programmes, Coolest Company to work for, Coolest Computer Brands, Coolest Social Media Platforms, Coolest Eat Out Places, Coolest Telecomms Providers, Coolest Toothpaste, Coolest Hotel Groups, I can’t live without…, Coolest Grocery Stores, Coolest Job, Coolest Universities.

Why do you need to partner with us?

With annual spending, it’s vital to capture the hearts of the youth market. Through partnering with Eswatini Daily News Next Generation, you can:

  • Powerfully entrench your brand as a leader in the youth market
  • Interact with the country’s top youth marketers at the Youth Marketing Conference & Awards ceremony
  • Engage directly with youth at the interactive showcase area
  • Receive strong pre and post-event media coverage
  • Leverage from multiple marketing platforms including;

Please contact us if you wish to partner with us, email: or Whatsapp: +26876595341 – Laurence Lukhele (Creative Director. 

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