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Does marriage change a person?

I think the most optimistic naive person still believes that men and women see marriage through the same eyes and hold the same values. A lot of people get married when they are not ready, it’s as simple as that. Dating for two or three years does not mean that you are ready for marriage as dynamics often change when you adopt your respective new families officially. It is like a noose that comes standard with marriage and how you handle change is the difference between how the noose tightens or loosens with time. And then the makhwapheni comes and does all those things that you used to do for your man but are too lazy or just don’t see the need to do anymore.

A lot of women don’t realize that in marriage your man’s greatest temptation is probably one of your friends. Why? Because that is probably the only woman he can speak to openly in front of you. It has got nothing to do with her amazing beauty, wit or calm nature but rather that she is an alternative to whatever you do. The element of forbidden fruit always gets them excited and eventually tempted.

While some people are enjoying the Buganu season and others looking forward to Valentine’s Day some are nursing broken hearts. All the hype around the day only makes it even harder for others because it only brings disappointment.

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