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MTN Bushfire 2021 Hybrid Festival Series

After what the whole world has been through with covid 19, some feel good music and good time is exactly what we need after surviving the pandemic. MTN Bushfire is more than a festival, it’s a living, breathing ecosystem deeply rooted in African soil yet inclusive and welcoming to guests from all over the world. This uniquely African and yet globally infused festival experience welcomes thousands in an atmosphere of tolerance and passionate commitment to music, the arts and the environment.

MTN Bushfire Festival have partnered with the event technology platform, Howler, to bring you and immerse two way virtual experience. A first of its kind for an online festival. They will be creating the unique atmosphere of the MTN Bushfire Festival that keeps fire starters from around the world coming back year after year. The Howlers innovative technology will be creating the festival’s multi-dimensional experiences through exciting themed Zoom Rooms all for a worthy cause.

MTN Bushfire continues to #keepthefireburning with the announcement of the MTN Bushfire 2021 Hybrid Festival Series, a year round calendar of bespoke events combining digital and live experiences, all rooted in the spirit of inclusion and celebration of diversity that MTN Bushfire is synonymous with. Showcasing a broad range of top artists from Africa and across the world, the MTN Bushfire 2021 Hybrid Festival Series will be next level experience featuring electrifying performances, unique regional collaborations, exclusive content, the long awaited MTN Bushfire Firefly finale, up-close and personal access to artists, industry workshops, masterclasses as well as activations supported by the #Bringyourfire social mandate.

The finale will combine customised and upgraded immersive online experiences with a scaled down and covid protocol focused in-person event, Enabling fans to gather safely and share the magic that is MTN Bushfire.

A full line-up of artists and influential entertainers will be announced soon. For more information visit the website To ensure that you don’t miss out on any updates follow @mtnbushfire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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