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MP Magawugawu Speaks out

The Swaziland News published an article on the 17th February 2021, with a headline that says King Mswati orders the arrest of MP ‘Magawugawu’ for opposing oppressive laws in Parliament.

On the 08th of February 2021, The Honourable member activated a call for Eswatini to Open Churches. He acknowledged the earnest efforts of government, front liners and all strategic partners in putting a fierce fight from their viewpoints. “Open Churches now for _you_ can not fight this war leaving out the true targets of the enemy who surprisingly are in possession of the master key to win it.”

This was one of his post he published on his social media platform “Facebook” saying “We won’t agree in toto, but allow me to tell somebody that this is spiritual warfare fought on health and economic battle-fields. Call this a conspiracy theory but this is an evil spiritual take-over well-orchestrated to gain entrance via crumbled health pillars and shuttered economic positions.

It’s a good attempt that the first vaccine will roll-out in a month but this satanic agenda will stop at nothing from unleashing a 3rd wave which will shock the world with massive deaths – pushing for a total shutdown. Could these be the times prophesied by the Apostle John at Patmos?? Only God knows but the satanic agenda is muffling us to a new world order and a one-world government. We do not need to be rocket scientists to tell that this pandemic is not natural but has masterminds behind it who want to take control.”

Today, Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane, the Siphofaneni MP, forwarded our news desk with a statement which reads as follow; “After all, has been said and done allow me to say: No#1. The call to open Churches with strict restrictions remains in place. We can not fight on that issue but we only advise. A society that does not go to school and Church is recipe for disaster. We know that the Supreme owner of The Church Will take His place At His right time, Fore-warned is fore-armed.”

No#2.The below scripture is evidence for that purpose is larger than personal life at a point in time to those who are called. Follow Christ all the way, stand for what you have been called for, without doubt, no matter how rough the terrain is but please stay the course. It all works together for good.

Reached for comments by this publication he sounded very heartbroken but emphasised that churches should be opened but with strict regulations observed, he also said; he speaks on behalf of the people and whoever who feels offended he is sorry for that. “As the church, It is our responsibility to speak,” he said repeatedly. May The citizens of this great nation stick together in such a time. Covid kills, take precautions.
#WeShallOvercome #RaisingRobustGeneration.


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