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“We are not going back, we have come too far to go back”,MP Hon Mr Simelane

The has been talks that the momentum for democracy form pro democracy members of parliament has died.

Others even said that a democratic Eswatini is truly just a fairytale but that was all before MP of Siphofaneni Mr Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane’s live stream on Facebook.

The charismatic pro democracy MP has brought back the fighting spirits of emaSwati. In his speech he has told emaSwati that the is no going back now “we have come so far”,he said.

It is clear to all emaSwati that going back is not possible especially not after the blood shed of unarmed emaSwati. Even those that had started having doubts that all the talks about democracy are really a far fetched reality for the nation have seen that the only way out is moving forward.

Gawuzela has also offered his condolences to the families that have lost lives and to those that have had their property destroyed not forgetting the Swazi nation at largr. He futher thanked the international world for standing in solidarity with the emaSwati.

He also offered his appreciation to the media that has been reporting on what is happening in Eswatini and for giving them a platform to tell the world what is happening.It is clear that the journey is far from over but the resilience from emaSwati gives hope that indeed the history of the country is forever changed.

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