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Meet the new Members of Parliament

The Eswatini Elections and Boundaries Commission EBC, this morning announced that Dlamini Dumisani Andrew is the new MP for Lamgabhi Inkhundla and Mndzebele Sipho City is the new MP for Shiselweni 1 Inkhundla. The Members of Parliament were elected yesterday at their respective constituencies. The bad weather did not deter voters who were keen to come and elect their representative in Parliament.

In the Tinkhundla system of government, the basis for appointment to public office is by individual merit as opposed to political parties. Members of Parliament are elected from 59 constituencies and His Majesty adds 10 appointees to constitute the House of Assembly.

Political party groups feel that this system should be converted to a multi party system where candidates are no longer appointed at constituency level but be appointed on the basis of political party affiliation. Pro Tinkhundla groups on the other hand are of the view that the Tinkhundla system is much more representative of the nation because every constituency in the country is represented. They are of the view that political parties will consolidate power in one group of individuals and rest of emaSwati will never have a voice.

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