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MTN Eswatini to pilot 5G in 2022

By Lungisile Simelane

28 September 2021

The new global wireless standard 5G, is the 5th generation mobile network. It enables a new kind of network that which is made to connect virtually everyone and everything.

MTN Eswatini is targeting the first quarter of next year (2022), in order to pilot 5G networks in selected sites. The network company has already launched a few products and services with 4G to signal the outset of the era where devices, or things, are connected via the internet.

Mandla Luphondvo, Corporate Affairs Manager of MTN Eswatini mentioned in an interview that ” Covid-19 challenges future plans in everything, affects supplies, slows the pace of tools which concludes to compromised trade.”

MTN has however managed to launch home cameras, this service will allow one to monitor activities taking place in their homes via their mobile phones. 5G network will improve individual device connectivity to the internet.

This service improves one’s capacity to handle their assets. Furthermore, the home owner is empowered with quality time information to act timely and avoid loss of property.

Luphondvo further stated that MTN, has completed testing a solution through which farmers could track their livestock and gather data. Identify behaviour patterns, which minimizes speculation about the condition of their livestock. The solution is seeking a way to equip farmers with insights to make informed decisions in managing their own livestock and protection against disease and theft.

The introduction of 5G as a pilot, will certainly bring improvement to bandwidth and download pace. It will upgrade innovation, support development of new opportunities for business and employment which can propel the growth of Eswatini.

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