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Petition Peacefully Delivered, US Embassy Pleased that Petitioners followed Public Order Act

Eswatini Daily News
02 October 2021
By Nomzamo Jiyane

Ezulwini- Regardless of the unfavorable weather condition, a group of Eswatini citizens marched peacefully and delivered a petition at the US Embassy in Ezulwini.

Ambassador Maloney accepted the petition on behalf of the U.S Government. The US Embassy said “We are pleased organizers followed requirements of the Public Order Act and marchers remained calm, even as they exercised their right to assemble. We received the petition and will review it with interest.”

The delivery of the petition was postponed last week to allow the petitioners to obtain the necessary approvals from municipality in terms of the Public Order Act, which allows for people to assemble peacefully in a public place. The Act requires the convener of the gathering to give notice at least 4 days before the event. The local authority then makes arrangements with the conveners and security to ensure the protection of interests of public order, public safety and public health to ensure that the rights and freedoms of those who live, work, shop, trade and carry on business in the locality of the gathering are not unduly restricted. It appears the collaboration between the conveners, security and the local authority resulted in a peaceful delivery of the petition without any major altercations between the citizens and the police. Security officers were seen stationed all over the country to maintain peace and order during the proceedings of the march. Most of the participants complained about lack of transport after the delivery of the petition due to the tight security. Business owners on the other hand were happy that the petition was delivered peacefully without any damage to property or looting of stores.

MP Myeni entertained the crowd with some songs while Mgoma Gamedze addressed the gathering after the delivery of the petition. Only a few people were allowed to go inside the embassy premises.

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