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Murders of Police Officers Triggers Suppression of Terrorism Act Notice as Government Fingers Terrorists

Eswatini Daily News
30 June 2022

Zweli Martin Dlamini, who is popularly known as ‘Zwemart’ and his online publication Swaziland News, have been officially declared as terrorists.

This was done by the Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini through Legal Notice No 261 of 2022. The PM did this through the exercise of his powers conferred on him by Section 28(2) of the Suppression of Terrorism Act, 2008. The notice states that ‘Zwemart’ and Swaziland News are to be specified entities under the Act with immediate effect in that they knowingly facilitate commission of terrorist acts.

This comes after the office and person of the Attorney-General Sifiso Khumalo through a letter drew the PM’s attention to Section 28 of the Suppression of Terrorism Act 2008, which provides that provides that where the Attorney-General, the Commissioner or person responsible for the prevention of corruption or other investigative or financial body has reasonable grounds to believe that an entity has knowingly committed, attempted to commit, participated in committing or facilitated the commission of, a terrorist act.

The Act further holds that where they have reasonable grounds to believe that an entity is knowingly acting on behalf of, at the direction of or in association with, an entity referred to in paragraph above, the AG, or any of the other persons mentioned in this subsection after consultation with the AG may recommend to the Minister that a Notice be made in respect to the person.

“Subsection 2 reads; where the Minister is satisfied that the material to support the recommendation made under subsection (1), the Minister may by notice published in the government gazette declare the entity in respect of which the recommendation has been made to be a specified entity,” the letter reads.

The AG said Zwemart had on numerous occasions and at different intervals published articles online under the banner of Swaziland News and on his Facebook page that instigated violence, the burning of public, and state property, the seizure of state power and overthrow of lawful government.

“Evidence is abound, and to be availed to your Excellency on request. In his latest antics, Zweli Martin Dlamini is threatening killing of Police Officers. Worth noting is that there have been recent shootings where Police Officers have been killed by unknown gunmen,” the AG said.

He argued that the consistent actions of Zwemart fell within the definition of a terrorist act in the Suppression of Terrorism Act 2008.

“Your Excellency, in my capacity as Attorney-General, I am therefore, of the opinion that Zweli Martin Dlamini and Swaziland News be specified entities.”

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