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Judge Mumcy Dlamini among New Judges sworn in by SADCAT

By: Bahle Gama

Eswatini’s Judge Mumcy Dlamini has been sworn in by the Southern African Development Community Administrative Tribunal (SADCAT).

Judge Mumcy Dlamini (second from left) and the other Judges who were sworn in by SADCAT

She was among a list of six judges sworn in as part of the organisation’s fulfilment of the SADCAT Statute under article V stipulating that the Tribunal shall comprise seven judges.

The swearing-in ceremony was conducted at the SADCT Chambers in Gaborone, Botswana on November 18. It was presided over by SADCT President Dr Sanji Mmasenon Moganeng.

Other Judges sworn in alongside Judge Dlamini were Judge Adelino Fernando Muhungo from the Republic of Angola, Judge Gaitree Jugessur-Manna from the Republic of Mauritius, Judge Albino Macie from the Republic of Mozambique, Judge Latifi Mansoor from the United Republic of Tanzania and Judge Rodgers Foroma Manyangadze from the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Established on August 18, 2015, SADCAT has the jurisdiction to hear and determine labour disputes between the SADC Secretariat or any of its institutions, as an employer and employee.

This includes a dispute relating to the contract of employment of staff or the terms of appointment of a such staff member. The Tribunal is headed by an elected Judge-President and Vice-President who are assisted by a Secretariat.

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