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King urges warriors to teach others respect

By Khulile Thwala

His Majesty has emphasised the importance of respect and honour among emaSwati. This he said yesterday when dispersing libutfo in the final leg of the Incwala Ceremony.

“It is encouraging to note that emaSwati still exhibit the value of respect which needs to be shared among all people of this country as it signifies that the values emaSwati are known for are still evident,” he said.

The King was delivering a speech to mark the end of the annual national prayer ceremony. His Majesty expressed concern over the behaviour exerted by some members of society, whom he said exhibited erratic behaviour.

“The behaviour exhibited by some delinquents is worrisome and makes one question their sanity. The respect I have seen from you warriors needs to be taught nationwide and it is great to see that there are people who are still this respectful,” said the King.

Meanwhile, the King expressed joy over the attendance at this year’s Incwala Ceremony, hailing the different ethnic groups who attended the cultural event, including the regiment from Taiwan.

His Majesty, through Indvuna Comentanyeni Magagula, also announced the disbursement of E15 million to libutfo. The cash will be shared through Mobile Money platforms, following the registration of libutfo at the beginning of the ceremony last year.

When dispersing libutfo in the final leg of the Incwala Ceremony the King also gave the regiments food parcels containing 5kg beans, cooking oil and beef. His Majesty announced that 136 cattle had been slaughtered for the different regiments.

The King further condemned the behaviour of people who were creating division and further exhibiting violent behaviour such as the use of illegal firearms in the country. He indicated that this year such acts would come to an end, stating that “demons would be conquered.”

The King further urged emaSwati to participate in this year’s elections, stating that this would be quite a busy year.

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