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BIG BROTHER TITBITS: Two weeks of situation ships, heartbreak, and gossip camps!

By Ntombi Mhlongo

Dramatic! This best summarises the first two weeks of the Big Brother Titans show.

Viewers have enjoyed crazy moments of entanglements, romance, and different camps. Indeed, the show is living up to expectations. The highlights of the week included the ‘friendships’ and romantic moments between some of the housemates, but it was the one between Khosi and Yemi and that of Marvin and Yaya that stood out.

Marvin made it clear that he finds Yaya very sweet and playful. Yaya herself was welcoming as she made it known that if someone as attractive as Marvin showed interest, she wouldn’t mind giving it a try. But again, she didn’t hide that what would worry her is life after the show especially with her being in South Africa while her bae is far away in Nigeria.

The cherry on top was when she helped Marvin with his laundry, seeing them wash his clothes together was awesome. They looked like a real husband and wife.

Some viewers might have felt like she appeared as if she was desperate but well, if she wants him, it is her choice. Claim your man Yaya and do not be apologetic!

Still on relationships, the one between Khosi and Yemi was more like a movie scene especially when she suddenly appeared to be jealous when Yemi started getting cosy with other female housemates.

It became even more embarrassing when Yemi told her in the face that he felt like she was against him talking to other women in the house.

“I am being honest. I feel like I am boxed in and don’t want to be that guy. I compromise when I like someone,” Yemi said when they finally decided to have that conversation.

Whichever way you see it, this is one ship that was bound to sink. It hit an iceberg and as viewers, we ended up confused and not knowing what to think.

Towards the end of the first two weeks, it turned out that Yemi was not only caught up with Yemi but had a thing for Nelisa, Sandra, and Blue Aiva as well while Juicy Jay was caught up with Yvonne and Ipeleng.

Both men seemingly could not tell which lady they wanted to settle for and that’s what makes the whole show so much fun. All in all, most of the housemates appeared as if they had not learned from previous Big Brother shows that investing emotions into a relationship early usually messes up your whole game plan.

Another significant spectacle was the moment when the housemates received their wager task. Big Brother wanted them to know each other through music and each housemate expressed themselves by singing or rapping.

The housemates also had to stake a percentage of their tasks and following their victory, the percentage was added to their budget.


*If Khosi is determined to go far in the show and eventually win the prize, she needs to be as independent as possible. Her relationship with Yemi will not favour her, instead, it will turn her against the very same viewers who are supposed to give her all the needed votes. The past few days have made viewers see her as just needy and struggling to keep a man.

*While one would have thought that the two nations, South Africa and Nigeria both have the vibe that will keep them glued together, it was not the case. The Nigerians suddenly started isolating themselves and the South Africans noticed. In the end, the two camps ended up gossiping about each other.

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