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Heavy rains: some schools suspend classes

By Ntombi Mhlongo

Following the heavy rains which have been pouring since the beginning of the week, some schools have had no choice but to suspend classes.

On Thursday morning, some parents received communication to the effect that there will be no classes and that pupils should stay home.

On the same day, teachers who are members of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) raised concerns that only a few pupils made it to class and that they (teachers) did not feel safe to drive to school due to the wet conditions.

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Expressing their views on the SNAT Platform on Facebook, some teachers suggested that schools should be closed temporarily.

“This weather greatly affects our job. There’s no way one can effectively teach under these conditions,” one of the SNAT members posted.

The association also issued a warning to its members by saying, “Be safe fellow colleagues. Your life matters most. Those driving, do so cautiously: still, water is dangerous on the tar road. Some of our dear learners won’t make it to school today due to the rainy weather. Some will be late. Some will be drizzling wet. Do understand colleagues”.

The heavy rains have seen most rivers flooded making it difficult to cross. Roads have also not been spared as most of them are wet which poses a danger to motorists.

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