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By Bahle Gama

The Nazareth Baptist Church also known as Shembe had hundreds of its members, local and from outside the country gather for their first Sabbath service in Eswatini.

Church members from outside the country arrived with their leader Unyazi LweZulu on May 22 through the Lavumisa Border post where they were welcomed by local church members.

Church members attending the service. 

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The service held on May 27 at Bethany, was the first in the week and the church will have a two-week prayer service in the country. On June 3 and 4, the church will have another service that will be held at Ludzidzini Royal Residence, which will be their last prayer in the Kingdom before their leader departs on June 5. The church has invited all emaSwati to the main prayer service.

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EDN April 24, 2024


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