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By Ntombi Mhlongo

About 19 candidates have been rejected in the nomination for the local government elections under the Mankayane Town Board.

This is reflected in a general notice that the municipality issued in accordance with the Urban Government (Elections) Regulations, 1969. In the notice, the reason why the listed candidates were rejected was not stated.

Meanwhile, the notice also informed the public that there shall, in terms of the regulation (18) be a poll in respect of the listed candidates. Mankayane Town is one of the oldest colonial towns in the Kingdom of Eswatini and a sub-regional town for the Manzini Region with a population of about 2 000.

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While the general notice did not state the reasons, it should be noted that the Urban Government Act of 1969 does have a provision that allows the disqualification for election or appointment as a councillor in local government.

The rest of the rejected names. Picture: Twitter

The Act stipulates that a person shall be disqualified from being elected or appointed or from continuing in office as a councillor if he holds any office or place of profit under or in the gift or disposal of the council or is the spouse of a person holding any such office or place of profit.

Also, the law stipulates that one shall be disqualified if she or he holds an office of profit under the government unless he has the written approval of the head of the government department in which he or she is serving.

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Other reasons for disqualification include being an unrehabilitated insolvent or being certified insane or otherwise adjudged to be of unsound mind.

Furthermore, candidates who are found to have been convicted of an offence can be disqualified. Being in default of payment of any rates, charges, or other debts due to the council for a period not exceeding three months can also put a candidate at risk of being disqualified.

In an interview with the Mankayane Town Board Clerk, David Madlopha confirmed the rejection of some of the candidates and said it was for different reasons and that they were found to have not met certain requirements of the law.

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