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Voter registration numbers continue to climb

By EDN Reporter

In less than three weeks, the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) has hit over 320 000 registered emaSwati.

Throngs of emaSwati are queuing every day at every voter registration station to register themselves for the next coming National Elections. The Kingdom of Eswatini is keeping true to His Majesty King Mswati III’s year of turnaround vision.


According to the released data by EBC, multitudes of emaSwati are showing eagerness of participating in the upcoming elections. Elections and Boundaries Commission Communications Officer, Mbonisi Bhembe highlighted that EBC expects not less than 650 000 people to register for the national elections of 2023.

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This is an increase from that of 2018 which was 547 426 whilst in 2013 it was 414 704. Registration stations have also been increased for easy accessibility and to accommodate the soaring numbers of emaSwati who want to register. Over the weekend, EBC gazebos could be seen at different shopping centres throughout the country and various churches on Sunday.

EDN 5 June 2023

That move has also resulted in over 1200 jobs being created for emaSwati to assist during the registration exercise and has also highlighted that the numbers may increase due to the demand.


The high number of people registering has shown that Eswatini’s Monarchical democracy has matured and emaSwati are pleased with the governing layout of the Tinkhundla-based system of government. In most countries, people express their dissatisfaction with their government by boycotting elections.

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It is a different case in Eswatini as people are registering in high numbers to show their support for their democracy and government. Eswatini has a very unique system of government that has been applauded by so many countries which has yielded peace, stability and development.

The Constitution of Emaswati in Section 79 states that Tinkhundla are a democratic and participatory governance system which promotes individual merit as the basis for election and appointment into public office.


His Majesty King Mswati III during the 11th Parliament opening commended all emaSwati to strive towards making Eswatini a great country and He declared that 2023 be a year of turnaround abounding with peace, tranquillity and success in the beautiful Kingdom.

With the consistent increase in the number of registrations, it is evident that emaSwati are adhering to His Majesty’s vision of promoting peace, stability and success.

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