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South Africans shocked Uncle Waffles from Eswatini

By Bahle Gama

It is said that ignorance is bliss but at times, it can leave one in stitches. Social media was abuzz after DJ Uncle Waffles was nominated for a BET Award and the nationality mentioned was not Mzansi.

Some South African were shocked to learn that the famous turn-table queen is from the Kingdom of Eswatini. The news was not warmly received as many took to their socials to express their disappointment.

Leading the ‘entourage’ was Chris Excel, who began making jokes about how the neighbouring country ‘endorsed’ Uncle Waffles through its resources, including their limited electricity to put Eswatini on the map.

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This led to responses with some calling out South Africans for having a habit of claiming ‘ownership’ of foreign talent when they would not like it if the same was done to theirs.

One of the tweets

Some referred to Trevor Noah and Charlize Theron who are originally from South Africa but reside in the United States.

“If the U.S would claim Trevor Noah or Charlize Theron, South Africa would go haywire, so leave Uncle Waffles alone, she is not from your country,” tweeted a user.

Some users had hilarious responses. Some said they thought the DJ was from Tanzania, because of her famous track. Eswatini fans did not hold back either, they also lashed back at South Africans for wanting to claim Uncle Waffles just because she is talented.

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These were led by the country’s very own comedian Dr Shakes.
“To all South Africans that are mad that Uncle Waffles is from Swaziland, remember that King Misizulu is also from Swaziland. Ngumshana wetfu,” he tweeted.

Another tweet

Many did not back down in defending the Kingdom and stood their ground and responded with some of the meanest tweets.

One thing is for certain, Twitter is not for the faint-hearted and has the meanest users on it, therefore, a person has to be mentally prepared before they battle it out with these mean South Africans.

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