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Police officer scammed E55 000

By Nokunceda Magagula

Mpumelelo Lucky Mnisi, a police officer stationed at Mhlume, was scammed E55 000 while he was trying to buy a car at Yetsa Investment.

The case was heard at the Mbabane Magistrate’s Court, before Principal Magistrate Fikile Nhlabatsi. During the trial of Neliswe Dlamini, the director of Yetsa Investment, Mnisi testified and gave details on how he lost his money.

Mnisi told the court that in March 2018, he saw an advertisement in a newspaper from Yetsa Investments. The advertisement stated that it buys cars from overseas and sells them locally.

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With interest in purchasing a car, Mnisi said he contacted the phone numbers on the advertisement. On the phone, Mnisi spoke to Dlamini, who introduced herself as the director of the company and directed Mnisi where their offices were located. Mnisi told the court that he went to the offices and selected a car he wanted to buy. It was a Hyundai.

Mnisi said he was then informed that the car would cost E55,000 and would be delivered within 3 months. Believing that everything was legit, Mnisi transferred a sum of E45,000 to the company as a deposit. Two months went by, Mnisi called Dlamini to check progress and he was informed that the car delivery would be delayed by a month because of shipment issues.

A month later, Mnisi said he called Dlamini again and he was told that the car had arrived in Durban. He was told to pay the remaining balance of E10 000 so she could fetch the car. Mnisi paid the money right after the discussion.

Time went by, Mnisi said he called Dlamini again and was informed that the car he ordered was not being allowed to enter Eswatini because its driver’s seat was on the left side. Mnisi was informed that the company that sells the car said they could either refund him or take the car back, further asking Mnisi which option he preferred.

Mnisi opted to be refunded his money.

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Dlamini promised to make a quick money transfer but never did. Mnisi stated that he began to doubt Nelisiwe’s credibility because she had even stopped picking up his calls.

Mnisi told the court that he went to the Yetsa Investment offices since he could not get Dlamini through the phone. However, the office space was vacant and he was told that the people belonging to those offices left months ago. It was upon that realization which made Mnisi open a case at the Mbabane police station.

Mnisi further produced bank slips that reflected the payment transactions. Dlamini’s legal representative argued that the company was legitimate, however, they suffered some issues when it came to delivering Mnisi’s car.


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