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EBC Communications Officer Mbonisi Bhembe

By Nokunceda Magagula

THE Election Boundaries Commission (EBC) has warned aspiring members of parliament to refrain from making empty promises during the ongoing campaign exercise.

Speaking on behalf of EBC, Mbonisi Bhembe, who was speaking about the ongoing campaign projects, commended emaSwati for showing up in the organized elections campaigns to hear out what the nominated promised to help them develop their communities or change their lives.

Bhembe said that he believes that those who are nominated are in constant check of how their communities can be developed going forward. However, Bhembe said that EBC who conducts the elections has warned those nominated not to make empty promises to emaSwati when delivering their campaign speeches.

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The empty promises may include the promise to build infrastructure without having the
muscle or visible means to implement them. On the demarcation of job responsibilities between members of parliament, Bucopho and Indvuna Yenkhundla, Bhembe said it’s a tricky situation because all these positions are about community development. He added that all these personnel should work together to make the life of Emaswati better and asked Tindvuna Tenkhundla to focus more on making sure that community disputes are resolved swiftly.

. . . Special voting on September, 26

THE communications officer of the Elections Boundaries Commission Mbonisi Bhembe has announced that special voting for the Secondary elections will be on September 26, 2023. The special voting exercise will take place at the Mavuso Exhibition Center.

Emaswati were previously advised to apply for special voting citing the reason why they want to participate in the special voting, however, the application process has been closed. Bhembe said that those who will vote on September 26 shall bring their identity card together with their special voting letter which confirms that they are eligible to participate in special voting.

The exercise is paving the way for the main event which will take place on September 29 where emaSwati who have been registered to vote will use the polling stations provided to them to elect those they see fit to represent them in parliament.

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