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September 29 a public Holiday – Home Affairs

Acting Minister of Home Affairs Chief Ndlaluhlaza Ndwandwe making the announcement.

By Bahle Gama

The Ministry of Home Affairs has declared September 29 as a public holiday. This announcement was made by Acting Minister of Home Affairs Chief Ndlaluhlaza Ndwandwe who said the holiday has been established with the primary purpose of ensuring all emaSwati exercise their right to vote in the Secondary Election slated for September 29.

“This holiday has been established with the primary purpose of ensuring that all members of the electorate, regardless of their employment status, have sufficient time to exercise their right to vote,” he said.
He stated that this is a crucial measure to guaranteeing a smooth running of the election process and fostering a truly participatory democracy.

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The Acting Minister emphasized that voting is the cornerstone of Eswatini’s democratic society, and it is essential that every eligible citizen can cast their ballot. He elaborated that the Minister understood that the demands of work and other commitments can sometimes pose challenges for individuals to find time to vote. By designating this day as a national elections holiday, the Ministry aims to remove these barriers and provide the electorate, both the employed and unemployed, with ample time to fulfill their civic duty.

“The declaration of a national elections holiday on Friday, September 29, will have a significant impact on the electoral process. It will enable working individuals to visit their respective polling stations without the constraints of their daily schedules,” Ndwandwe said.

He further stated that it would allow unemployed citizens the opportunity to engage in the voting process without the added pressure of seeking employment.
This holiday will ensure that no eligible voter is disadvantaged due to their employment status and promote a fair and inclusive election.

Ndwandwe encouraged all eligible citizens to take full advantage of the election holiday for it is an opportunity to have their voice heard, shape and future of the nation, and exercise their democratic rights.

“We urge you to make use of this day to participate actively in the electoral process and contribute to the democratic development of our country,” he concluded.

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