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Peter Ngwenya’s elections results challenged at Ntondozi Inkhundla

By Lwazi Dlamini

Former Mbabane Highlanders and Moneni Pirates striker Nhlanhla ‘Madida’ Mabuza is preparing to explore every available avenue in challenging the winning results of nominee, Peter Ngwenya who emerged victorious at Ntondozi Inkhundla.

On Sunday, Mabuza, who had earlier been paraded on social media platforms as the overall winner with 2190 votes, was seen being hoisted high by members of his constituency in hyperbole celebrations, and plastered in local newspapers, got the shock of his life when the latest results ushered in placing Ngwenya as the overall winner with 2380 votes on Sunday morning.

The news of Ngwenya being the winner has not gone down well with some of the various constituencies under the Ntondozi Inkhundla which include Gebeni, Ntondozi, Ndinda, Khalangilile, Mphini, Ncabaneni, Ndlinilembi and Mphini. Some of the voters crammed Mabuza’s home on Sunday to find out what had happened and what had caused the voting results numbers to change.

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Mabuza, interviewed on Sunday evening, told Eswatini Daily News that he had written a letter to the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) challenging the results under the Ntondozi Inkhundla, claiming there had been a lot of wrong things that had happened during the voting exercise and counting of the votes.

“I am distraught with everything that has happened here. I have already gone to the EBC and have officially written a letter to raise concerns about the latest happening. First of all, we discovered that 944 votes had been added to those of Peter Ngwenya and when we challenged this, 600 votes were then chucked off.

That on its own tells us, there are a lot of clandestine moves being done with the votes and now suddenly he has 190 votes more than mine. People are angry and crying here. We are taking this matter up,” Mabuza bellowed.

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Social Media was abuzz from Sunday morning as the Ntondozi Inkhundla folks questioned everything about the results with some even calling for a re-count. EBC Public Relations Officer Mbonisi Bhembe said he had not received the complaint and would only be able to check in his office on Monday morning.

“I can’t comment on something I have not seen or heard about. I would have to see the letter of complaint first when I am in the office tomorrow (Monday),” Bhembe said. Meanwhile, the aggrieved Mabuza, who is a teacher by profession, said his main worry is the development of the area in particular if the people are not happy with the results.

“The people have been waiting outside my home, wanting to know what is going on. I am hurt too. But development can’t wait for another five years.

That’s why we need to find a solution to the concerns raised so that even when Ngwenya comes in, he can continue working with the people for the development of the area. That’s what I want to see,” Mabuza said.
Peter Ngwenya, a former Member of Parliament has emerged as the winner with 2380 votes.

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