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Buhleni booming, economist predicts over E1 billion investment surge

By Ncaba Ntshakala

Astonishing growth! Buhleni, once a sleepy area, is poised for a remarkable transformation, with economists predicting over E1 billion in investments within the next few years.

This prediction comes on the heels of His Majesty King Mswati III’s visit to Buhleni on Friday, where the King officially opened the multi-million Buhleni Plaza, the E180 million Buhleni Police Station, and witnessed the construction of the upcoming Buhleni Fun City.

The King’s visit served as a fitting testament to the town’s rapid growth. His Majesty remarked, “A few years ago, Buhleni was just an area. Now, the growth here is puzzling, and it’s wonderful to see.”

His Majesty also interacted with workers at various businesses, showcasing his interest in the town’s development.

Adding weight to the King’s observations, an economist confidently predicted, “In a few years, Buhleni will have investments worth billions. The area, officially a town, is on a rapid expansion trajectory, with new businesses sprouting up and infrastructure taking shape.”

The economist asserted that several factors contribute to this optimistic outlook. Firstly, he said Buhleni’s strategic location, makes it attractive for businesses looking to expand or establish themselves.

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Secondly, the ongoing development of key infrastructure projects, such as the Buhleni Police Station, is creating a conducive environment for investment as it ensures more security for businesses.

Furthermore, the economist shared that Buhleni’s economic potential is further amplified by its cultural significance.

The town serves as one of the hosts of the renowned Marula Festival, popularly known as the Buganu Festival.

This annual event attracts thousands of emaSwati and tourists who gather at the Buhleni Royal Residence to celebrate the Marula season alongside Their Majesties through song and dance.

“The festival’s cultural significance and tourist appeal add another layer to Buhleni’s economic prospects,” expressed the economist.

The economist further elaborated, “The Marula Festival is a major draw, not only for cultural reasons but also for its economic potential. Tourism and related businesses flourish, creating more jobs and boosting the local economy of the area.”

“Fast forward ten years, and the Buganu is poised to become an even more significant event, radiating its impact far beyond the cultural sphere with such growth.” He further said.


His Majesty King Mswati III walking through the area.The King was warmly receivedHis Majesty King Mswati III interacting with the different stakeholdersThe King speaking to some of the people and workers

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