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By Thokozani Mazibuko

The Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Khanya Mabuza, has informed the PAC that there are millions of expired drugs awaiting destruction.

PS Mabuza stated that the expired drugs have filled over two warehouses, and it would cost the Government of Eswatini more to destroy them.

“The Ministry is currently developing a system to only procure drugs that are needed from suppliers in order to avoid incurring unnecessary costs,” PS Mabuza told the PS.

Nhlambeni Member of Parliament and Deputy PAC Chairperson, Manzi Zwane, wanted to know why they were accepting drugs that were about to expire from donors.

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“Are the donors not subjecting the Government to more costs knowingly as they are aware that destroying drugs doesn’t come cheap?

There is a donor that I know who donated drugs which he knew very well that they were going to expire in two months. Are we as a country used as a dumping site by these donors,” wondered MP Zwane.

The PS then welcomed the PAC members to tour the two warehouses that are full of drugs which have expired.

“You are welcome to come and check out the two warehouses where the Government has lost millions if not billions when buying them.

Causes of the Drug Shortages in 2024-Medical Packaging Report

According to a report by Medical Reporting, at first glance, the shortage of prescription drugs may be challenging to understand.

“After all, why would a country as powerful as the United States struggle with such a basic need? The answer, unfortunately,

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Is not straightforward but is intertwined with a network of intricate factors involving not only the production and distribution of drugs but also economic, political, and regulatory elements,” states the report.

Further, the organisations point out that one major element contributing to the drug shortage crisis is the vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

“Often, drugs and their raw materials are sourced and processed in different countries a complex tapestry that can be easily disrupted by a range of factors, from natural disasters affecting raw material supplies to political instabilities and even global pandemics,” clarifies the report.

Moreover, Medical Packaging states that the contracting practices between drug wholesalers and manufacturers, which often prioritize high-value drugs over lower-cost generic ones those most at risk of shortage contribute to the problem.

“This bias for profitability over sustainability can leave the supply of lower-cost generic drugs, essential medicines for a large fraction of the U.S. population, teetering on the edge,” points out the report.

Furthermore, market forces also play a critical role. Some drug manufacturers may opt to discontinue production of less profitable

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