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By Bahle Gama

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry has advised the office of the Master of the High Court to rope in the expertise of the Attorney General (AG) in the estate of the late King Maja II who died in 2016.

This directive was made after one of the late Mamba Clan King’s wives reported that since the death of her husband, she has never received anything from the estate. In contrast, while alive, her husband would cater to her and their children as well as the other wives.

Inkhosikati and second wife to the late king, Ncamsile Mamba was accompanied by her sister-in-law Sehlephi Mamba when she reported her grievance before the Commission on Wednesday morning.

She stated that King Maja II died in 2012 leaving behind four wives including herself. When she conducted her investigation later, she discovered that his estate had been reported to Master and was told the estate had been distributed.

She questioned how such had been possible when she and her sister-wives had not received anything after their husband’s demise.

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Ncamsile said she found that Prince Phinda Mamba a brother to her late husband was responsible for the distribution of the estate and discovered that some cattle had been distributed and a vehicle was sold at E30,000. However, the money was not accounted for.

Qiniso Mamba said he had nothing to say in relation to the estate

“Ever since my husband died there never was a family meeting and as his wives, we did not receive anything ever since he died,” she said.

She was echoed by her sister-in-law Sehlephi who said King Maja II’s house never met after his death and never knew what had happened to her brother’s estate.

Sehlephi told the Commission that when things were unfolding at Ngudzeni she was unaware because she resides at Luve and only got the gist of the situation when Ncamsile reported to her of the changes that occurred after her brother’s death.

Assistant Master Lomaswazi Dlamini reported that the file was opened in 2014 by Prince Phinda Mamba and there was nothing in the file, except for a letter transferring seven cattle.

She stated that there was also a letter from Ndushulweni stating that Prince Pinda was to be appointed as an interim executor.


“The vehicle he sold for E30,000 was signed for by the Ndushulweni secretary general,” she said.

Dlamini stated that Master scheduled a family meeting for April 2, 2019, but no one showed up and it was postponed indefinitely.

On June 1, 2021, another meeting was held, and Prince Phinda was removed and replaced by Qiniso Mamba to be the executor in the estate and that was the last time the matter was ever addressed.

It was noted that Qiniso is the late king’s brother and none of his children were present, only siblings from uncles.
Qiniso who arrived a bit late at the Commission stated that he did not have much to say on the matter because he was only appointed as an executor, and nothing happened from there on, adding that he knows nothing about estates as his role was never explained to him.

“When King Maloyi III was appointed, I assumed it had all ended and the new king inherited everything. By law, matters related to the Mambas should be reported to their king.

Therefore, I have nothing much to say on the issue. I am even surprised that the matter is at Master and not before the Mamba king,” Qiniso said.

Ncamsile requested that her late husband’s assets be distributed amongst all his children, adding that she believes the new Mamba king can create his estate from scratch.

Her sister-in-law Sehlephi alleged that the new Mamba king is not a son of the late King Maja II and they were surprised when King Maloyi III was appointed “because we don’t even know where he is from.”

The Commission stopped Sehlephi from speculating and advised that the matter will be given direction by the advice from the AG as to the Mambas it seems the matter should not be before Master.

“The AG can assist and we require his office to give direction on the matter, whether it is supposed to be here or not,” said the Chairperson of the Commission Judge Majahenkhaba.

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