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Laurence Lukhele

Eswatini Daily News Next Generation movement will deliver insights into youth brand preference and consumer behaviour. The Youth Marketing Conference, Interactive Showcase, Awards will be charged with new energy and loads of inspiration for effective youth engagement strategies for brand, marketing, media and advertising professionals in the youth marketing space who hope to better understand consumption habits, trends, and much more. This is categories as Marketing & Media event in partnership with SEM Cares Foundation.

There will be two components to the overall study, the first which will focus on brand preference and the second which will focus on lifestyle and consumer behaviour. Data collection will take place between February and March 2021, concentrating on urban and periurban environments in the four regions. The intense research analysis will be conducted by Africa AD Agency in conjunction with SEM Cares Foundation members. Highlights will be published using our media platform, Eswatini Daily News.

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