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Lagobhoza – Explains Prostitution

Words like “SEX” are very sensitive to others and mostly to the youth as sole victims of it. Lagobhoza has spared its time today, to briefly talk about the word Prostitute or Prostitution and its nitty gritty’s. Our reasons for this article, have been beefed up by some of the challenges faced by some of these advanced workers in the industry.

Prostitution is the business or practise of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment. It is sometimes described as sexual services, commercial sex or colloquially hooking. Prostitution is one of the branches in the sex industry along with pornography, stripping and erotic dancing. A person who works in this field is called a Prostitute or sex worker.

Brothels are establishments specifically dedicated to prostitution. Prostitution occurs in a variety of forms; (1) Escort prostitution, the act may take place at the client’s residence or room (referred to as out-call), or at the escort’s residence or a hotel room, rented for the occasion by the escort (incall). Another form is (2) Street prostitution. A majority of prostitutes are females and have male clients, but a prostitute can be and have clients, of any gender or sexual orientation.

Depending on the jurisdiction, prostitution law may deem commercial sex to be legal or illegal. The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country (sometimes from region to region within a given country), ranging from being permissible but unregulated to an enforced crime, or a regulated profession. It is sometimes referred to euphemistically as the world’s oldest profession in the English-speaking world. Estimates place the annual revenue generated by prostitution worldwide to be over $100 Billion which can be E1,318,560,000,000.00.

There are about 42 million prostitutes in the world, living all over the world (though most of central Asia, the Middle East and Africa lacks data, studied countries in that large region rank as top sex tourism destinations. Sex tourism refers to the practice of travelling to engage in sexual relations with prostitutes in other countries. Some rich clients may pay for long-term contracts that may last for years.

Some view prostitution as a form of exploitation off or violence against women and children, that assists in creating a supply of victims for human trafficking preyers. Some critics of prostitution, that stand as institutions are supporters of the Swedish approach, which decriminalizes the act of selling sex, but makes the purchase of sex illegal. This approach has also been adopted by Canada, Iceland, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway and France.

Prostitute is derived from the Latin protituta. Some sources cite the verb as a composition of “pro” meaning “up front” or “forward” and “situere”, defined as “to offer up for sale”. Another explanation is that prostitute is a composition of pro and statuere (to cause to stand, to station, place erect). This leads us to the next word which is “PIMPS”. Organizers of prostitution may be known as pimps (if male) and madams or mama-san (if female). More formally is a procurer or procuress.

Clients of prostitutes, most often men by prevalence are sometimes known as “Johns” or “Tricks” in North America and “Punters” in the British Isles. These slang terms are used among both prostitutes and law enforcers, for persons who solicit prostitutes.

Prostitute’s salaries and payments fluctuate according to the economic conditions, of their respective countries. Prostitutes who usually have foreign clients, such as business travellers depend on good foreign economic conditions. Payment may vary according to regulations made by PIMPs, brothel keepers, madams and procurers, who usually take a slice out of the prostitute’s income. Prices may further depend on demand; popular high-end prostitutes can earn significant amounts roughly (upwards to $5000 per client) which is E65,965.75, and virgins may receive even higher payments.

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