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Semen may actually cure depression in women?

Semen is the fluid that covers millions of sperms.  Semen is the result of sexual intercourse, while we yet believe that for women to be happy they need to be pampered with love. So in contrast, sex reduces stress, which later can lead to depression.

According to Daily Mail, semen is good for women’s health and can help fight depression. The chemicals within the semen are the ones that increase affection and fight depression along with spermatozoa, including cortisol, which is known to increase estrone, which elevates the mood and oxytocin which also activates the mood.

Moreover, it also contain thyrotropin-releasing hormone ( antidepressant), melatonin and serotonin. Researcher Gallup along with psychologist Steven Platek, hypothesized that women having unprotected sex should be less depressed than suitable control participants.

It is suggested that women having unprotected sex with their partners, experience more significant depression on breaking up with their partners than those who are not regularly exposed to an ex’s semen, and they also go on rebound faster, in seeking new sexual partners.

The overall woman engaging in unprotected sex experience fewer depression symptoms than those who are practicing total abstinence and those using condoms. The researchers suggest that it is not just that women who are having unprotected sex are happier, it could only mean that happiness levels in them may be related to the quantity of semen within their body.

Professor Gordon Gallup of The University of Albany, places an emphasis on these findings, that they should not be used as an excuse for irresponsible behaviour. “Protecting oneself from an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease is far more important, ” he concludes.

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EDN September 19, 2023 Edition


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