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Is Mduduzi Gawuzela Simelane venturing into Politics?

Mduduzi ‘Gawuzela’ Simelane who is a leader of Mduduzi Nezinceku Zamagagwugawu, is said to be on leave during the period of the coming elections, according to Times Of Swaziland. Simelane is currently a primary school teacher at Mnotfweni Primary School in the Lubombo Region Eswatini.

Information gathered is that Simelane made a formal request to his employer, Government of Eswatini through the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), asking that he be released during the process of the elections.

However, before the elections or voting process was conducted, we saw Simelane’s wall post on his facebook account saying his morning prayer around 7 am which in the bible the number 7 is the number of spiritual perfection and he said; “As we go to nominations Lord let us know that in our daily lives, our future and the future of our kids depend on this process we start today. This is the process that will either usher the country to Godly laws or surrender our lives to satanic structures in exchange for money or material things. Lord pls Raise a generation that will refuse to take things for granted.”

He went on and said; “Help us Oh Lord to Nominate God-fearing men and women across the country. Raise for us our Moses, Joshua’s and Calebs Oh God. Safa sive Masontsane nebatsakatsi. Raise a vibrant generation that will refuse to be tempted by tinkhwa nemanga lajabulisako kodvwa abulale likusasa lesive. Open the eyes of this generation to see bantfu labakhatsalele sive enhlitiyweni yabo.

There is a lot of talk today God, bonkhe sebalungile namuhla kodvwa sisite sive singatfuswa bucili nelutfuli lwanamuhla. Singeke sibekhona sidzingo sekuyilwa lemphiSetfwale Jehova Nanamuhla kute kube semaphetselweni alomsebenti welive LeMaswati in Jesus Name.” Said Simelane on his post.

Well, we managed to reach to him after church today and he told us that he was nominated and his name was the first one to be called out. “It happened around 7 pm when we started to nominate the MP Catagory and my name was the first to be called out”.  Simelane also shared a short clip taken and people were rejoicing singing “Thuma mina baba”.

When asked to explain to us how he felt about the peoples choice he said; “I was expecting to be nominated, due to the fact that the people were flooding my home every day pleading that I stand when they nominate me this time because for the past three terms (15 years) they nominated me but I have always declined. But what I didn’t expect was the huge applause and celebration I witnessed when my name was called. Simelane explained.

“It was so great and shocking to me, I was so humbled and touched because I could see the masses had dreamt for this opportunity for too long,” said Simelane. We then asked Simelane on his next move since he was now nominated and he said, he will keep us up to date but the huge thing ahead is that he can’t afford to disappoint the masses since they waited patiently from 9 am till 7 pm in a cold night to see to that his name comes up.

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